Interviews with Dennis

Interviews with Dennis R Sumlin

Below are recent interviews with Dennis R Sumlin.

Dennis R Sumlin is a certified coach and educator.
Below are areas he has expertise in.

  • 1. Communication: Dennis has over 10 years experience in working with public office candidates, fortune 100 employees, working class immigrants as well as teach classes in interpersonal and public speaking skills that have allowed people to further their career and polish their brand/public image.
  • 2. Mindset/Higher Consciousness: Dennis has over 15 years of study, personal experience, and work with clients to develop confidence and deeper self knowledge, that results in healthier relationships/intimacy , clearer sense of purpose, and lower stress levels. These are also the topics that drive his podcast.

If you would like to interview Dennis, or have him speak at your event, please contact Dennis@CoreConfidenceLife.COM

Written Interviews

8 Questions

Dennis answers 8 questions for The Inner Cyrcle blog.

Podcast Interviews

10 minute mindset

On this 10 Minute Mindset…..its the “C” word! Dennis sits down with Mario and they rap about self-awareness, how to build confidence and more, in less than 20 minutes. Get quick tips to leapfrog, head first, into the big C!

Real Men Feel

Dennis sits down with Andy Grant from Real Men Feel. They talk self-confidence, self ownership, spirituality and more.

The Anything Goes Project with Mike Simmons

The Flourish Podcast

Inspire Direct

Josh Shachnow

The Top Romp Show – Confidence is key

The Solopreneur Grind Podcast

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