How a couple torn apart by drugs reunites to coach others in recovery

How a couple torn apart by drugs reunites to coach others in recovery
David Marion
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On this interview we speak to David Marion and Dana Golden. After David’s alcohol and drug addiction caused a divorce, he and his X wife teamed up to help others defeat their addiction. We will hear about David’s time behind bars, the divorce story, what happened to their two kids, and how they joined together to help others bounce back.

Guests: Addiction and Family coaches and authors, David Marion and Dana Golden

David Marion is a nationally-known advocate for people struggling to overcome addiction and find recovery. Using the adversity of his own story to inspire thousands of others to get help, today David is a Certified Intervention Professional and Recovery Coach and motivational speaker who “carries the message” of hope and healing. He teamed up with his former wife to write his book.

Addiction rescue, a no bs guide to recovery
Addiction rescue, a no bs guide to recovery

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You are not your addiction

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