How a good night’s sleep helps a man build confidence, productivity, and stamina

On this interview, we head to the bedroom. We talk to Antoine Dutauziet, a men’s sleep coach. Low quality sleeping can affect a man in many ways. Lack of alertness during the day, low productivity, moodiness, poor erections, and other zingers. We talk about what sleep really is, helpful nightly routines, relaxation techniques, body awareness, sexual stamina, and more.

  • How many hours should we sleep?
  • What is a good nightly routine?
  • How does neditation play a roll in sleep?
  • How do you center yourself in your body?
  • What does poor sleep do to your erections?
  • What is mindful masturbation?

Guest: Men’s Sleep Coach, Antoine Dutauziet

Good sleep helps keep a man awake!

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