How each day can be January 1

Across the country and across the world, people have a wide variety of traditions when it comes to bringing in the new year. You can party, eat specific foods, set off fireworks, or stand around Time Square 12 hours ahead of time to watch a giant glowing thing fall as you listen to modern day pop singers lip-sync their way to a new year.

One of the most popular traditions is the New Year’s resolution. When you resolve to do something, you are making a commitment to yourself. You are setting a goal, and you saddle up to achieve that goal.

You may resolve to stop eating cake, break up with a partner, take a class, or dance naked to Taylor swift songs as a way to exercise. The question is, why wait to the New Year?

January 1

The symbolism of the New Year’s resolution is to begin again. Start fresh, with a clean slate and come out better for it.
According to a 2014 University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology study, 45% of Americans usually make these top of the year declarations with another 17% doing it sometimes.

The wish list

What do people want? According to the same study, these are the top five resolutions that people make.

  1. Lose weight
  2. Getting organized
  3. Spend less, Save more
  4. Enjoy life to the fullest
  5. Staying fit and healthy

Sounds like good goals, right? I could use a little 2, and more of 3. I am sure many of us could.

Why not do them now!

As I look at these lists and numbers, I wonder, why not do them now? Why not start to save money now? Why not start to lose the weight now? Why not take control now?
If you think you should stop eating those extra 5 slices of cake after dinner, stop it now! If you think you should forklift yourself off your mammy’s couch and get a life, hop up now! If you are good enough to upgrade your wardrobe after the first, you are good enough to do it now!

Out of the people who try and T off on the first, 24% totally fail, and another 49% have only occasional success. That cake tastes great!

It is always the first day

Each day you have a fresh start. Each day can be the start of your own personal Jan, 1. Make a list of things you want to do on the first, and start phasing them in now. Take each resolution, and make a step by step plan of action. Many people fail at this New Year’s stuff because they do not plan. After six months, 54% of people have already slacked off of the Jan Jig.

Just because you did not reach a goal should not stop you from trying again, and you do not have to wait for another roll of the 365 to do it. What things do you want to improve upon right now? What things are you putting off that you could be doing now?

There are multiple versions of New Year’s

In numerology, your birthday starts a new year. This is when many cycles and yearly transits change. In October, everybody starts feeling an energy shift as the energy of the current year starts to weaken, and the energy of the upcoming year starts to show signs of blossoming. If you need a marker to start something, you can also use these markers.

What ever it may be, a 1 personal month, during a new moon, the Chinese New Year, the start of the Human Design cycle, or just because you are ready.

If you want to get an idea of the energies you are moving into, an brainstorm about your road to success, lets talk about it.

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