How to calculate your chart using Base 12 Numerology

What’s going on behind your chart? In Numerology, as in all other systems, there are different levels and methods to uncover the secrets of wo we are. Below is a chash course to Base 12 Numerology.

Intro to Base 12

Base 12, also called duodecimal, is a number system that uses 12 as its base. This is in contrast with the more common decimal system that uses 10 as a base. Although counting based on the number 12 might seem awkward at first, we use a variety of base 12 systems:

• Timekeeping: we have 12 hour clocks and 12 months in a year
• Measurement: there are 12 inches in a foot
• Money: there are 12 pennies or pence in a shilling
• Music: there are 12 keys (if you count both the black and white ones)in an octave
• Organizing: there are 12 items in a dozen and 12 dozen in a gross
Astrology: there are 12 signs in both the western and Chinese Zodiacs

Since base 10 is the standard, base 12 need some extra symbols. We know 0-9 as single digits, but in base 12, the digits 0-11 are single digits. This means that 12, and not 10 completes 1 cycle. There are many symbols used for base 12 to stand for the single digits 10 and 11.

In the base 12 numbering system, the symbols used to represent the values of 10 and 11 are the letters A and B, the Greek letters Δ (delta) and Λ (lambda), and the Chinese characters 什 (shí) and 佰 (bǎi). You may also see 10 and 11 underlined to show that they are single digits, and the non underlined 10 and 11 are the double digit form. “D” and “E” are also used. According to the Dozenal Society — the premier global organization for the promotion of base 12 — the most popular letters for representing the numbers 10 and 11 are X and Ɛ and are called “dek” and “el,” respectively. For this article and site we will use the “Dek and “El” for the names of the single digit 10 and 11, and use “A” and “B” interchangeable with 10 and 11 for the symbols. Many base 10 to 12 calculators and videos use “A” and “B”.

Adding Numerology to base 12

The base 12 system can also be used for Numerology. Michael Smith, a Base 12 Numerologist noticed how everything seam to work in cycles of 12. In addition to time and other things mentioned above, there are also systems of 12 even on the human cellular level. Smith, a former engineer and statistician, saw that the cycle of 12 seem to describe the structure of reality at all scales of nature from atoms, DNA and the human brain to stars, galaxies and the developmental stages of the universe, therefore, the cycle of 12 can be applied to Numerology. When calculating your name and birthday with base 12, you will often have a different Life Path and other numbers.

These base 12 placements shows you the story behind the story. It shows the natural, spiritual reasons and path of your life. While your base 12 chart shows the deeper story, it is used along with the standard Pythagorean base 10 system. When you use both together, it becomes a powerhouse of information and guidance.

For example, while I am a Life Path 2 in standard, base 12 shows a Life Path 9 for me. This does not negate the 2 Path, rather, it adds on to the meaning of my Life Path and takes the story and reasons deeper. The numbers 0-9 mean the same, but we now have 2 extra single digit numbers to deal with.

Number Keywords

Below is a very quick run through of the number keywords.

.0. Potential
.1. new beginning
.2 .duality.
.3. Catalyst.
.4. structure
.5. change
.6. Love.
.7. truth.
.8. manifestation.
.9. completion
.10.(A) (Dek). awareness.
.11. (B)> (El). Illumination.

As you can see, 0-9 means the same, but numbers Dek and El are kind of new.

Here are some more keywords for 10 and 11.

.10.(A) Insightful, intuitive, perceptive, openminded, curious, focused.
distracted, confused, prying, paranoid, selective, obsessive.

.11. (B) Understanding, knowing, wise, reseptive, inspired.
Oblivious, unreceptive, nave, disillusioned, ignorant.

Converting Base 10 to Base 12

This is what base 10 and base 12 look like when counting.

Example: Base 10. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Base 12. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B 10
When you get to 19 in base 12, the next number would be 1A (Dekteen) and 1B, (Elteen) then 20. Each time a 9 is reached, Dek and El come before the next number with a 0.
28 29 2A (Twenty-Dek) 2B (Twenty-El) 30.
You may also see, from time to time 210 And 211
Base 12 has a 10, but that is the 10 that would be 12, the completion of 1 cycle.

To convert a number to base 12, you have to see how many cycles of 12 is within each number. For example: the base 10 number of 25. 25 is 2 cycles of 10 with 5 left over, which is how you get 25. In base 12, this 25 would become a 21. There are 2 cycles of 12 with 1 left over making 21.

Example 2:
Base 10: 60, Base 12: 50.
60 is 6 cycles of 10, but is only 5 cycles of 12.

Example 3:
Base 10: 35. Base 12: 2B. 35 is 3 cycles of 10 with 5 left over making 35. 35 is 2 cycles of 12 with 11 left over so it would be 2B or 211 pronounced Twenty-El.

This can be done for a birthdate. You would just reduce as normal remembering that its base 12 and not base 10. Using the example number of 3B for reducing purposes.
3+B (El) = 12, 1+2=3. Since I was born on the 11th of a month, it would be 11 in base 12, but it would be called “El” and be considered a single digit. This “El” is not a master number in base 12. However, base 12 does have the master 11, but that is 1 after the cycle of 12. In base 10 it would look like 13, a Karmic number, but when converted, it becomes the master 11.

More examples

Base 10 to Base 12.


When its time to convert the year of birth the math can get tricky if you are not careful. Most of the time you can use a Base 10 to Base 12 converter. However, below is a list of the reduced values of some years. To find a year that is not on the list, you count up in 11 year segments to get to the current reduced number. The step by step process for converting years is under the cheat codes.


The year 1977 would convert to 1189 which would reduce to 8. The next 8 year would be in 1988, 1999, 2010, 2021 and so on.

Example birthday:
December 11 1977
December is the 12th month, but in base 12 it would convert to 10, then reduced to 1, so December is 1.
The 11th would become “El” The 1977 would be converted to 1189 then reduced to 8. 1+1+8+9=19. 19 converted = 17. 1+7=8
This leaves us with 1 11 8 which when added and converted and reduced leaves us with a Life Path of 9.
1+11+8=20. 20 converted=18. 1+8=9

The same can be done on the name side. Using the Pythagorean letter/number order, you can get to a number, then convert it. For example, “Dennis” = 29 when added. You can convert this number to base 12. 29 converts to Base 12=25. 2+5=7
Dennis is a 29/11 in standard Pythagorean, its 25/7 in base 12. This can work with any name.

List of years/Cheat code

The year in standard is listed first, then its base 12 reduced number.


Here are some other years.

And so on…

Step-By-Step Conversion for years

Using the year 2023 as an example

To convert the decimal number 2023 to a number in base 12, you can use the following steps:

Divide the decimal number by 12.
Write down the remainder (which will be a single digit in the range 0-11) as the least significant digit of the base 12 number.
Divide the quotient (the result of the division in step 1) by 12.
Write down the remainder as the next least significant digit of the base 12 number.
Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the quotient becomes zero.
Using these steps, we can convert 2023 to base 12 as follows:

2023 ÷ 12 = 168 remainder 7 (so the least significant digit is 7)
168 ÷ 12 = 14 remainder 0 (so the next digit is 0)
14 ÷ 12 = 1 remainder 2 (so the next digit is 2)
1 ÷ 12 = 0 remainder 1 (so the most significant digit is 1)
Therefore, the base 12 representation of 2023 is 1207.

If you want to understand your chart in Base 12, book a reading so we can dive into the natural cycles of your life.

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