How to empower Yourself: The Art of Speaking Life to your soul

Get ready to speak LIFE into yourself! We’re diving deep into a practice that might just transform the way you see yourself and the world around you – the art of speaking life into yourself. Affirmations, as they’re known, can be your powerful allies in this adventure of self-love and positivity.

Yeah Yeah Yeah, we know that some people like to make fun of affirmations or say that they do not work. I am hear to tell you that I know different. While no one solution works for everybody, affirmations maybe very well misunderstood. So, let’s uncover the magic within and explore how to wield the power of affirmations in your daily life. Yes, I know I started a sentence with “So”, but so what.

Unveiling the Power of Affirmations

First things first, let’s talk about what affirmations actually are. Think of them as your own personal cheerleaders – positive statements that you speak to yourself, designed to shift your mindset and encourage positive changes. It’s like planting seeds of positivity in the garden of your mind and nurturing them with love and intention.

1. Know Your Negative Enemy: Identifying the Shadows

Picture this: you’re in a dimly lit room, and your negative thoughts are like those lurking shadows in the corners. The first step to empowering yourself is to identify these sneaky thoughts. Take a moment to reflect on the beliefs that creep in when you’re feeling low or uncertain. Are you telling yourself you’re not good enough? That you’ll fail before you even begin? Identifying these negative beliefs is the key to overcoming them.

2. Turn the Negatives into Positives: Crafting Your Mantras

Alright, you’ve caught those negative thoughts, and now it’s time to transform them into rays of positivity. Take each negative belief and flip it on its head. Turn it into a strong, positive statement that resonates with your core. Remember those times in the past when you triumphed over challenges, and use them as evidence that you can do it again. These positive mantras will be your armor against the shadows.

3. Keep Your Affirmations Realistic and relatable to you

As much as we’d love to believe in magic spells, affirmations aren’t instant fixes. They’re more like building blocks, creating a solid foundation for change. When crafting your affirmations, make sure they’re realistic and relateable to you. Taking internet lists of affirmations from bloggers and self help coaches is OK to start, but develop the affirmations that work for you. What do you want to speak into yourself? What are some power words that you use to pump yourself up? In order for this to work, the affirmations must mean something to you. Embrace the Power of Affirmations!


A. Know Your Negative Enemy: Shine a light on those lurking negative thoughts.
Turn the Negatives into Positives: Transform those shadows into radiant affirmations.

C. Keep Your Affirmations Realistic and relatable to you: Build a bridge between hope and reality, use words that empower you.

As you stand at the crossroads of your thoughts, remember this: if you’re going to be thinking anyway, why not think big? Affirmations are your toolbox of positivity, waiting for you to open it and let the light shine through. Embrace the power of speaking life into yourself, and watch how your world transforms, one uplifting word at a time. Your journey toward self-empowerment starts with the magic of your own words.

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