How to find and understand the 4 seasons of life in Numerology

As spoken about in another article, we have 3 sections in our life called life cycles. Operating along with the main and sub paths/cycles are pinnacles. There are four pinnacles. These can be thought of as the seasons of one’s life. Below are the technical names for each pinnacle

  • 1. Attainment
  • 2. Obligation
  • 3. Foundation
  • 4. Reflection

Each pinnacle is like sub expression/destiny numbers. An expression number is the highest potential and attainment for a person. While the main expression/destiny number is found through your name, these sub expressions are seen as pinnacles. Some numerologists call them attainment numbers.


The pinnacles are found by first knowing your 3 sub paths or cycles. As a quick review, the three cycles are the three parts of your birthday. Month, day and year. Example, Dec 11 1977. Reducing each part to its single digit is the numbers we are working with to find the pinnacles.

Using the cycles 3 2 6 as an example, what are the four pinnacles.

Pinnacle 1. Add the first sub path/cycle to the second one. 3+2=5
Pinnacle 2. Add the second sub path/cycle to the third cycle. 2+6=8.
Pinnacle 3. Add the first and second pinnacle. 5+8=13. 1+3=4.
Pinnacle 4. Add the first and third cycle. 3+6=9.
The pinnacle code is 5 8 4 9.

If the Pinnacle Vibration agrees with the Life Path, the period will run smoothly; there won’t be much difficulty in realizing opportunities that are presented as feedback from one’s actions and efforts.


The pinnacle timing depends on the life path number. The Life Path is the sum total of your full birthday reduced to a single digit or master number. Each person moves through their pinnacles according to that number.

To start the time calculation we use the number 36. 36 is the age that equals nine that is just before the second astrological nodal return.

Starting with 36, subtract a person’s life path number. The sum of that number would be when the first pinnacle ends and the second one begins.

For example, if you are a life path 2, then its 36 -2 = 34.
The start of the second pinnacle for a life path 2 is at age 34.

Example 2. Somebody with a life path of 7. 36 – 7 = 29.
The second pinnacle for a person with a life path of 7 starts at age 29.

Example 3. Life Path 9. 36 – 9 = age 27.

The second and third pinnacles last for nine years each. The fourth pinnacle lasts for the rest of your life. Using the Life Path 7.
First Pinnacle: Age 0-29
Second Pinnacle: Age 29-38.
Third Pinnacle: 38-47.
Fourth Pinnacle: 47 Until end of Earth Journey.

Life Path 3.
P1: 0-33.
P2: 33-42
P3: 42-51.
P4: 51-Till End of Earth Journey.


Energy is not a light switch. It does not turn on and off, rather, it fazes in over time. The pinnacles all have a transition stage. With pinnacles, you feel this transition stage around 1 year before it hits. In that time, there are energies that can help if it gets rough. The pinnacles are one of the transitions that are felt very strongly.

To find the transition positive energy called a “hidden pinnacle”, add the pinnacle you are leaving with the one you are approaching. For example, when I was moving from my 5 pinnacle to my 8 pinnacle, which, by the way, was very strong and stark, the energy that would help me through that would be a 4. 5+8=13/4.

During that transition, there was also a “hidden challenge”. In this case, which was 3. Like any challenge you use subtraction. 5-8=3. These transition energies can also be seen in the life cycles, the personal years and months as well. You can always visit the Numerology Center and let us calculate for you.

If you want to get a deeper view of your 4 seasons and what energies you can tap into, book a reading or enroll in our courses. Lets flip through your numbers and tap into greatness!

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