How to find the 4 challenges in life using Numerology

The challenge numbers are things that you will be challenged with in life. These numbers are not meant to make your life screwy, they are there to help you grow. Since these numbers will be experienced as a challenge, the lower vibration of the number will be something you may struggle with. For example, if you have a 4 challenge, then you will experience the lower end of the 4 energy such as laziness, a tendency to cut corners to make money, extreme stubbornness and so on. This challenges you to discipline yourself, get organized and work to earn your own resources.

A 6 challenge involves perfectionism, preachiness, heavy handedness and other 6 related zingers.

The first two numbers of the challenge code are minor challenges. The first will be felt most in the first part of life, mostly tied to the first life cycle. The second will be felt in the next half of life, mostly tied to your second life cycle. The third challenge is called the Life Challenge, and will be felt for the entire life. This life challenge is a direct challenge to the life path number. Many times, the fourth challenge will be the same number as the third one, however, some people have a fourth challenge that’s different from the others. This fourth number will serve as the challenge tied to the third life cycle.

Calculate Challenges

The calculations for each of the challenges are just like the pinnacles, but this time, you use subtraction. First you need to know the three life cycles. they are your Month, Day and Year. For example, Dec 11 1977. Dec = 3, 11=2, and 1977=6. We do not use master numbers when doing life challenges in numerology.

First challenge is first life cycle minus second life cycle.
Second challenge is second life cycle minus third life cycle.
Third challenge is first challenge minus second challenge.
Fourth challenge is first life cycle minus third life cycle.

Going back to the life cycle numbers of 3 2 6.
Challenge 1: 3-2=1
Challenge 2: 2-6=4
Challenge 3: 1-4=3
Challenge 4: 3-6=3
Challenge code is 1433
In standard numerology, mathematics does not allow for a 9 challenge, but can show a 0 challenge.

Energy of challenges

To understand more about the challenge side of the numbers, you can refer to the descriptions of the numbers, but a very brief challenge description is below. This is just to give a flavor.

Understanding Numerical Challenges

Challenge 0

The challenge associated with the number 0 related to choice. The person with this challenge may find that they have difficulty acting upon their own preferences. The best way to overcome this challenge is for the person to have confidence within their own abilities.

Challenge 1

This challenge may result in the person feeling as though they are dominated by other people. The main challenge here is to avoid being dominated but also making sure the person does not dominate others. The best way to overcome this challenge is for the person to rely upon their own intelligence and wit while also avoiding being resentful and arguing.

Challenge 2

This challenge relates to being overly sensitive and emotional. This person may find it difficult to work with others because they are concerned about being ignored or criticized by others. This person may be filled with self-doubt and have a lack of self-confidence. The best way to overcome this challenge is to pay close attention to detail, try not to take things personally and work at developing satisfying friendships.

Challenge 3

This challenge relates to the tendency to try to do too much at one time. This person may find it hard to express themselves in an effective fashion. This person may also tend to be defensive and reclusive. The best way to overcome this challenge is to work at developing one’s social skills and creativity, while learning how to relax.

Challenge 4

This challenge relates to problems with work. This person may find that they simply do not like work or they do not like the work they must do. The best way to overcome this challenge is for the person to learn to develop understanding and patience and work on developing the most practical way of handling even the most mundane of tasks.

Challenge 5

This challenge relates to the person’s desire to attain freedom no matter what. This can be a very difficult challenge to handle because this person is naturally impulsive. This person often desires change frequently. The best way to overcome this challenge is for the person to make sure that they do not use change as a way of escaping responsibility. Some with this challenge go the other way and avoid change. Since the 5 is hear to learn how to roll and accept change, this challenge can make the person resist it.

Challenge 6

This challenge is associated with the insistence upon high standards that tends to be a natural inclination of this person. This person may seem a bit self-righteous and somewhat of an authoritarian. It can be difficult for others to live up to the standards of this person. The best way to overcome this challenge is for this person to strive for harmony and try to avoid creating friction. This person must learn to be a diplomat and appreciate the needs of others.

Challenge 7

This challenge is associated with the person being uncomfortable with their own inner feelings. As a result the person may feel as though they are not able to improve their own situation. This person may have a tendency to be a chronic complainer and critic. The best way to overcome this challenge is to try to avoid approaching others in a way that is aloof and reserved. In addition, the person must work at developing confidence in their own abilities and avoid concentrating on their own limitations.

Challenge 8

This challenge is associated with a concentration on attaining material items, status and wealth. The best way to overcome this challenge is to learn how to use power, status and money in balance and learn how to balance them in proportion to other matters. Watch for a poverty mindset or a hyper material mindset.

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