How to find your 3 Life Cycles in Numerology

Each of us has three life cycles. You can think of them as chapters, periods, sub life paths, or whatever helps you to understand. The three parts of the birthday make up the three cycles.

The number representing the month of birth, reduced to a single digit or master number, is the first life path cycle or period indicator. The second life path cycle is determined by the day of birth reduced to a single digit or master number. The final cycle is based on the year of birth reduced to a single digit or master number.

For example, a birthday of August 8 1968 would break down to the cycles 8 8 6.

August = 8.
8 = 8.
1968 = 24 = 6.

Another example: December 11, 1977
December = 12 = 3.
11 = 11
1977 = 24 = 6.
Life cycles=3 11 6

As stated above, each of these three cycles can be thought of as sub life paths. These are the themes and experiences that you will have in that part of your life. Example. With the sub paths of 3 11 6 you can see that this person will be in situations that allow freedom of expression in the first sub path, self-transformation and higher intuition in the second sub path, and home, responsibility and family in the third sub path.


These sub paths will be running along with the main life path. These sub paths divide your life into thirds that roughly change at each Astrological Saturn return which is 27/29 years and 56/57 years.

To be exact, the life cycle changes on the 1 personal year closest to the 28th birthday. The second cycle moves into the third cycle 27 years later.

For example, Dennis turned 28 during a 3 personal year, so the cycle actually started when he was 26, but there will be a transition time as he moves towards the actual 28th birthday.

If you want to learn even more about Numerology and get a deeper view of your life cycles, check out Life Path Math, the Numerology course.

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