How to find your Father in your astrological chart

Your astrological chart is full of info. It contains your whole life, the people in it, the things that you will deal with, and the events of other people who are linked to you. Astrology is not something you believe, its something you can use to keep you aware.

One of the things you can find in your chart are your parents. Yes, your mammy and your pappy. You can look to particular placements and houses to uncover the story of your parents, how you perceived them and what if any structure you got from them.

For those like me who did not grow up with their biological parents, your in luck. You can still see your Mother and Father figure in the chart. The placements speak of the primary influence, whether its from the bio parents or not. In fact, adoption, and being raised by other family members can be seen in the chart as well.

Many who dive into astrology quickly hear about the Moon and how it tells the story about your Mother, by sign, house and aspect. For example, with my Moon in Capricorn, that can symbolize a Mother who is older, a workaholic, traditionalist, and so on. This would be true for me without the workaholic. While she was not my bio Mother, she was the primary Mother figure.

Who’s your daddy!

While the moon is your mammy, the Sun is your pappy. The Sun is the primary masculine energy, the light giver, and all kinds of other metaphors that I don’t feel like typing. The placement of the Sun by sign, house and aspect can reveal the personality of the Father. Saturn also plays a roll in this, but one at a time!

The Sun

The first thing we can look to for the Father flag is the sign. For example, my Sun is in Sagittarius. Generally, this can mean a Father that was upbeat, fun, generous, likes to go on adventures and so on. For me, this is true. My Father was always buying gifts for me. Every day when he came home from work, he had something for me. Whether it was food that I liked, or the latest TV guide, as I use to read them when I was a kid. He would always want to go fishing, and would bring me to his job to introduce me to his co-workers.

I will point out again, this man was not my bio Father, so the Father placements work regardless on who stepped in as a Father.

Adding to the story

As indicated by the above, I did have that type of experience, however, that is not the only factor. Not only is my Sun in Sagittarius, but it is conjunct Neptune. This introduces another part to the story. Neptune is the planet of haze. It deals with things from the spiritual side of the plain. It also means loss, fogginess and deception. With Neptune conjunct the Sun, the Father may be distant to some degree. You may have a foggy memory of him or for some reason, he left your life early. He also may have had a self sacrificing personality or worked for those in distress.

This is true for me. My Father died when I was 16, and we were a little distant before that. He was an EMS driver, and once offered me one of his eyes in order to solve the eye problems I was having. The doctors did not feel that it would solve much. He was an atheist, maybe due to the 11th house placement of this Sagittarius conjunction. In the chart, you can see how my Mother played a larger roll while the Father figure faded into the background. The Moon has a lot more going on with it while Neptune hazed out the Daddy. Despite that, I have a Day chart, which makes the Sun the primary sect light, which means I am more open for male/father/masculine input. Of course, I did not get that.


When talking about Fathers, we have to include Saturn. Saturn is the discipline of the chart. It shows the way structure and order was placed on you by the parent, or in this case with Saturn, the Father. First, being that my Saturn is retrograde, there is a possibility that I would not know my bio Father, and yes, this is true for me. With Saturn in Virgo in my chart, you can see once again the service structure and the eye for detail coming from the Father.

If you have Saturn in the 9th house, your Father may have had strong views and principles that he ruled with. Don’t Step out of Line! With Saturn in the 3rd, an energy of communication and enforcing education, especially during the early years may be present.


Houses also play into this whole thing. The houses of the Sun and Saturn plays a roll in the Daddy drama, but so do particular houses. If you have been around astrology for a while, you know the debate between the 4th and 10th. Is the Mother in the 4th and Father in the 10th, or the other way around? You can find astrologers who are on either side of the issue. When I do readings, I use them both depending on the gender of the native in which I am doing the chart of. For me, since I am a man, I look at the 10th for Father and 4th for Mother. For a woman, I would flip that.

For example, in my chart, I have Uranus in Scorpio in the 10th which can be unpredictable. We see Scorpio, which, like above, the Father figure worked in a medical related field, and the Uranus energy sometimes seperates or unexpectedly creates distance.

The big picture

Using your chart you can find the story of your parent. Also, since your kids are also in your chart, you are in your parent’s chart. In fact, after I relocated my bio family, I was given my birth Mother’s info. She had died before I relocated the family, but I do have her astro chart, and sure enough, I looked at her 7th house, which is the second child, and saw it in Pisces. That is loss, drugs and delusion, and yes, there is a story there for another time.

The numbers

While we are on Father’s, in numerology, “1” is the Father number. It is the Sun, Leo/Aries energy, and the primary masculine number. If you have any “1” related conflicts in your number chart, some of those could be Father or authority based. If your life path number clashes with the birth date number and there is a “1” involved, check to see if that is the Father.

Going deeper

If you want to unfold the story of your life and heal old issues around family or Fathers, get a reading and I will help untangle things for you. Fathers are super important and need much more praise and credit. Men in general need more support and love.

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