How to get freaky and find sex in your astrological chart

Your astrological chart is full of info. From your relationship to your Mother, to your career, to education to your gifts and talents. Of course, since you can find that there, you know you can find sex. Yes, you can look to places like the seventh house to find relationships and marriage potential, but if you want to know/dive deep into the steamy world of passion, read on.

If you were to book a reading with me and ask me where to look to further understand your sexual energy, I would look in 3 places just to get a starting shot.

Sexual hot spots in your chart

1. Mars

Mars is the motor of your chart. It is your passion, drive, ability to initiate action. It is one of the primary areas for sexual energy. Mars, the ruler of Aries and Scorpio knows how to light the flame and burn with sexual chemistry.

2. The Fifth House

The fifth house is the house of creativity and sex. It controls the dating seen, romance, hobbies, recreation, and anything fun and self expressive. When it comes to sex, you are in the right house. Looking at the activities in the fifth house can give you a flavor of the type of sex, who you may get turned on by, and even how often you like to fuck.

3. The Eighth House

The popular chatter around the eighth house is that its a sex house. This is not exactly true. You may ask, if the eighth house is not really a sex house, then why the fuck is it in an article talking about astro sex?

Among many things, the eighth house controls intimacy. Not sex as its shown in the fifth house, but intimacy. Usually it talks about intimacy in a relationship because its the second house after the seventh. The worth and value and devotion in a relationship. Because the house is about merging partners together through intimacy, sex will be involved. By looking at the eighth house you can tell the type of sex you get into, especially when you feel devoted to your partner. It also gives us an insight on some of the deeper psychological aspects of your sexual makeup.

Other places to look

4. Venus

Venus is the planet of love, attraction, and values. While it does not directly deal with sex in its rawest form, it does play a roll in what you are attracted to and what style can stoke your fire.

5. The Seventh House

Admittedly, this is a weaker link. While this house is all about relationships and one-on-one agreements, it is not a sex house. However, since you can see marriage partners here, this will show the type of person who will attract you.

Of course, nobody will have the same sign on all of these placements, so each person’s sex life, turn ons and freaky side will be a unique mixed bag of things. For example, you could have a Mars in Leo but Gemini on the fifth house cusp. The unending passion of Leo can get into body worship and the fifth sitting on Gemini adds the love of words to the sex mix. If this person also had Virgo on the eighth, we know they are about serving their partner in the bedroom, but usually will not do the same for the casual date. You may say that sounds like everybody, but we all know that its not.

Sex keywords for the sign archetypes

When looking at a chart, mix these words with the placements and you can draw the story.

  • Aries: Firey, initiator, likes to receive attention, can be an assertive submissive, can be impatient, straight to the point
  • Taurus: Strong sex drive, loves oral sex, may be able to cum multiple times, can last long, could be into cuffs, blindfolds, and giving up a little control, senchual, likes kissing
  • Gemini: Gets turned on by words, talking during sex, phone sex/sexting, adaptable, creative, maybe some water sports, airy passion, frequent position switching
  • Cancer: Shower sex, oral sex, very intuitive, spoon fucking, deep penetration, eye contact
  • Leo: Likes to be in control, always ready for sex, love receiving body worship, into taking videos or pics, sexy clothes, lap dance
  • Virgo: Sexually open minded, loves pleasing their partner, can get off or cum by just pleasing partner, good at oral sex, may like the risk of getting caught, roll play, sex talk
  • Libra: likes some spankings, submissive, flipping between dom and sub, experimental, likes to do different things each sex session, light hair pulling, loves 69
  • Scorpio: Intense, loves foreplay, loves getting teased, long sex sessions, some bondage, secret sex
  • Sagittarius: Treats sex like a sport, likes toys, try new things, thrill seeker, public sex, playful approach
  • Capricorn: Strong earthy sex drive, loves to fuck more than most, Last long, likes to be the boss, power dynamics, roll play
  • Aquarius: Likes to be watched or to watch, experimental, can have unusual fetishes, likes different positions, sex toys, sex technology, unusual turn ons
  • Pisces: Imaginative, likes roll play, can be submissive, sex in the shower or hot tub, massage, tantric sex

Check out your chart and see if you see your own sex story in it. Below, in a classroom discussion, I get into detail about each house and the sex styles of the signs.

Class discussion on sex signs

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