How to help children that need homes, The path to making adoption easy and quick

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On this interview we talk to Bridgette Bradley, a Child and Family Advocate. She speaks to us about adoption. What are some of the benefits of giving a child a loving home? How can you move through the adoption process easier? Eighty-million people consider adoption, but only one percent actually do it. Why is that? Find out that and more. Listen to stories of happy adoptions.

  • Who gets adopted more often, boys or girls?
  • Do babies get adopted more than older kids and teens?
  • Is adoption expensive?
  • How long does it take to adopt?
  • Can you adopt an adult?

Guest: Child and Family Advacate, Bridgette Bradley

Adoption Discovery is an educational 501c3 nonprofit. They have helped hundreds of families accomplish adoption with less stress and less money and creating radical and innovative change in the adoption process.

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There is a child that needs a loving home, just like yours

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