How to power through a Universal 8year

Its a bird, its a plain, its….the number 8!! In a nutshell, this year is like the big boss of the numerology game, offering us a special set of energies and vibes. So, buckle up and let’s explore the eight things you should do to ride a year like this if you so happen to find yourself in one.

To find the Universal year, add the digits of the year you want to know about. For example: 2024. 2+0+2+4=8.

How to power through the great energy of 8

1. Power Up Your Ambitions:

Think of 8 as the superhero of numbers, radiating with ambition and authority. This year, don’t shy away from your dreams—embrace them. Set ambitious goals, both personally and professionally. Whether it’s a career move or a passion project, this is the time to swing for the fences.

2. Master Your Finances:

The number 8 has a strong connection to money matters. Take a good look at your finances—create a budget, save wisely, and make strategic investments. It’s not about being Scrooge McDuck, but about using your resources wisely to build a solid foundation for the future.

3. Cultivate Personal Power:

In a Universal 8 Year, the spotlight is on personal power. Take charge of your life and make decisions that empower you. Stand tall, express your opinions, and don’t be afraid to step into leadership roles. Remember, you’re the CEO of your own destiny.

4. Focus on Relationships:

The energy of the number 8 extends to partnerships. Whether it’s friendships, family, or romantic connections, invest time and effort in your relationships. Strengthen bonds, communicate openly, and resolve any lingering conflicts. Remember, a united front is a powerful force.

5. Embrace the Spiritual Side:

You thought that you would be done with spirit after going through a seven year? Hell no! Beyond the material realm, the number 8 has deep spiritual significance. Take time for self-reflection and inner growth. Explore mindfulness practices, meditation, or any spiritual pursuits that resonate with you. Connect with your inner self to find balance and harmony.

6. Seek Balance:

Balance is key in a Universal 8 Year. Juggling your ambitions, finances, relationships, and spiritual growth can be a handful. Find harmony by prioritizing tasks, setting boundaries, and ensuring you’re not neglecting any aspect of your life.

7. Hone Your Decision-Making Skills:

The energy of the 8 promotes decisive action. This is not the time for wishy-washy choices. Trust your instincts, make informed decisions, and take responsibility for the outcomes. Confidence in your choices will propel you forward.

8. Embrace Change with Grace:

Change is inevitable, especially in a Universal 8 Year. Whether it’s a job transition, a relationship shift, or a personal transformation, embrace it with grace. Use the energy of the 8 to adapt and grow. Remember, change is often the catalyst for something greater.

Each year is unique

Wile the above are good things to do/remember, each year brings a unique energy. In numerology, we not only count the Universal energy of a year, we also count the details. for example, 2024 is an 8, but so is 2015, 2006, 2033 and so on. We also look at the energy of the transiting number, or gift number. This adds to what this particular year brings.

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