How to stop being a nice guy, and start being a confident genuine person

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On this interview we talk to Brett Bird. He is an author and former “nice guy”. His book, “Become Whole” takes us from being passive people pleasers who avoid conflict and struggle with low confidence to a man who is strong, genuine and assertive.

Many men are “nice guys”, the one who does not speak up, says yes when he really means no, and hides his true self from others, and himself.

Brett’s book gives detailed tips, exercises and gidence to help you pull out of neutrality and put yourself back in the driver’s seat of your life. If you need a confidence boost, but wonder how to get there, this one is for you.

Guest: Author, Brett Bird

For many years, I’ve bought into falsehoods and distortions that limited my personal potential. After realizing and undoing the actions and thought patterns that held me back for so long, I’ve seen others get stuck in the same struggles as I did. I am here to teach you how to overcome your barriers in many areas of life that keep you from your full potential! You’ll find advice that, if acted upon, can result in accelerated progress in your personal development, so you can have the quality of life you deserve!

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The nice guy is nice to everybody but himself

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