How to understand the power of your first, middle, and last name

In numerology, every number, every letter, and therefore, every name have super power energy. We will look at the unique power of each of the three sections of a full name. The first, middle, and last name each play an important role in our everyday lives.

As a reminder, since we are using letters, below are the letter to number system we are using.

1=A, J, S
2=B, K, T
3=C, L, U
4=D, M, V
5=E, N, W
6=F, O, X
7=G, P, Y
8=H, Q, Z
9=I, R

The First name

Each of our names tells us about a different dimension of life. By looking at each name and delineating the letters, we can draw out some day-to-day actions and tendencies.

The first name is most commonly called “The Growth Number”., “The Key”< or "The Life Number", not to be confused with the Life Path Number. The first name is how the public and general life is lived each day. By reducing the first name to it’s single or master form, you can see the ups and downs and how someone acts on a daily basis, and what energies a person is learning to grow into. It can also indecate the general work environment that a person likes to work in. Not the field, but the feel and setting. Using Dennis, the name reduces to a master 11. The 11 is a number of transformation, talent, sensitivity, leadership, self development and balancing the yin and yang within the self. By this we can see that Dennis moves through emotional waves, is constantly trying to improve the self, can be a powerful leader, but can also deal with low self esteem, be too aggressive or too passive, and is learning to trust instincts. He also enjoys working in a peaceful and colabritive environment. This shows you the everyday ups and downs, mistakes that can be made, and serves as some extra energy to use in its highest form.

Chop it up

The first name can also be chopped up into little pieces to get a deeper idea of the everyday life and some deeper details on how the life is lived.

For example, Dennis is 455591. We can tell by this that Dennis is somebody that needs change in life. He may have had lots of love affairs, travel a lot and can be headstrong. The humanitarian streak and the ability to take leadership roles will help further the lives of those who are less fortunate. Every number in a chart matters

To use another example, the name Barack is 219132. Not only is Barack an 18/9 giving him the power to work for the collective, channeling universal compassion and the ability to understand what people want, you can see by the details of the name that he has a huge humanitarian streak, is well suited for leadership, believes in working in partnerships, can be an excellent communicator, and expresses from the heart.

Cornerstone, Capstone, First Vowel

In numerology, each number has a role, however, some numbers have more of a dominant influence. When looking at the first name, there are important parts that reveal how one approaches aspects of life.

The cornerstone is the first letter of the first name and it shows how one will approach things, situations, and projects. The capstone is the last letter of the first name and it shows how one finishes things. Then we have the first vowel of the first name that shows hidden motivations.

Using Dennis as an example:


Approach with a logical mind, motivated by change and variety, and finishes on top or in a unique way.

First Name Challenges

The first name is not without some kind of challenge. Most areas of the chart has some imbedded challenges, and the first name is no different.

The first name challenge is better known as the VCC or Vowel Consonant Challenge. The challenge is based on the first two sounds in the first name. Usually this means the first two letters, but sometimes it means the first few letters.

Using Dennis as an example:

Step 1. first look at the first two letters in number form. D and E = 4 and 5
Step 2. Add D4 to E5 which = 9. Put 9/
Step 3. Take D4 from E5 which = 1. Now you can put the 1 on the other side of the “/”. Now we have 9/1.

When reading this code, the second number is the challenge that holds back the first number, thus creating a challenge to overcome.

9/1 = lower vibration of 1 can hold back the 9.
Low self esteem or the need to get attention on one’s self can prevent the accomplishment of the higher collective goals that the 9 wants to achieve.

For the name LaVar, L and A = 3 and 1.
Code. 4/2
Emotions and passivity that derail the organization and structure that goals or work depend on.

When using the VC Challenge, sounds matter, not letters, so when a name begins with more than one consonant, then those are added together before its used with the vowel.

Example: Christina:

In this case the first number would be the base of letters “CHR” C=3 H=8 R=9. 3+8+9=20. 2+0=2
Now you have 2 for the first letter/sound, then the “I” would be the 9.

Distrust and escapism will stop the team work and openness needed to achieve things.

This system can be used for any name or word to understand the deeper energy. Like all challenges, this is an opportunity to balance and master the challenge energy shown by the second number which will then add to the power of the first number.

Middle and Last name

Most of the techniques that were in the first name section can be used on the middle and last names as well, just keeping the context of what the other names stand for.

The Middle

The middle name stands for a person’s hidden resources and aspects of their personal/relationship life. The middle name also works on the mental plain. Not everybody has a middle name, and some have lots of middle names. If you or a person you are reading does not have a middle name, that is fine. The last name will take on some of that weight. If there are more than one middle name, all those names would be combined when looking for the base number.

You can find the base number the same way as with any other name or word. Using Donnel which equals 1 we can tell that the person with this middle name may like to be in control in relationships. He may like a lot of attention and can rely on is ability to assert his independence.

Last Name

The last name is the family bloodline or energy. This energy is passed on to everybody who carries this name. Many times a family will share the same last name, many other times, there will be 2 or more last names being used within the family. This just adds more dynamics to how groups of people get along.

Using the same methods, you can find the base number and that would be the default energy of the family.

Using Sumlin as an example:

Sumlin=7. On the high side, this can be a family that has a deep spiritual faith, a line of very intelligent people, and maybe even some psychic tendencies. On the lower side, distrust, secrets and over blown conflicts can break the family up into factions.

When you see that Sumlin is 134395 you get a deeper idea on th details of t family energy. Sumlin also has a 4/2 VC Challenge.

A “3” family may be very expressive and talented, but must watch for hurt feelings due to style or approach. A 6 family may be a matriarch or have strong family values but can also have lots of divorces throughout the family. All numbers have the high, average, and lower energy potential to them. To dig deeper into how this base energy shows itself in the family, look at the VC Challenge and all the letter/number energies that spell out the name.

Examples to think about.

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