How to unlock the code to confidence using numerology

On this CCL interview, we speak about the soul’s purpose as its seen through numerology. Our guest, a soul coach will talk about his book, his history in numerology, and how an understanding of your lifepath number can unlock endless self knowledge.

Guest: The Soul Coach

AbdulKarim “The Dream” AKA The Soul Coach is an Astro-Numerologist and conscious advisor. He has been involved in holistic and metaphysical studies for about 20 years. He began his quest in the health and fitness industry which carried over into studies of the mind. He specializes in Numerology, Astrology and intuition.

Calculate your code to unlock more soul confidence

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Author: Core Confidence Life

Core Confidence Life is an astrological, numerological, and self discovery service. We provide in depth readings, classes, and special member only benefits. Our goal is to guide and assist you into stepping in and owning your personal power so you can direct your destaney and become what the creator made you to be.

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