How young men can prepare for their future by knowing themselves in the present

On this CCL interview we speak to Brandin Smith. He is an Author, Life Coach and Podcaster. He discusses his latest book, 25 Lessons Learned before 22. We explore topics around accountability, self-image, sex, body insecurities and more. His mission is to give young men a head start on responsible manhood and self-awareness.

Guest: Author, Life Coach, Podcaster: Brandin Smith

Brandin Smith is a 22 year old from Cleveland, OH. He is the host of the Hood Therapy podcast which discusses mental health, personal development and healing within the community. He is the author of 25 Lessons Learned before 22. He is also a personal development life coach, photographer and student of TMH. He has two years of experience in Personal Development life coaching, two years of podcasting experience, and many years of wisdom!

Sometimes you got to follow your passion, not your peers

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