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Welcome to the Life Path Math Name game – where the magic of Numerology unfolds!

Ever wondered what lies beneath your name's surface? Dive into the fascinating world of Numerology and uncover the hidden vibrations each letter carries. Your name isn't just a label – it's a powerful force with its own unique energy. Did you know that even your middle name holds clues about your personal relationships? By understanding the significance of each letter, you gain access to a deeper understanding of yourself and others. Whether you're curious about the influence of names on newborns, contemplating a stage name, or simply seeking self-discovery, this journey is for you.

Starting February 28 2024

Join us at the CCL School of Metaphysics for the ultimate Name Game: Letters in Numerology! Starting February 28, 2024, embark on a 10-week exploration where you'll:
  • Decode the meaning behind each letter of the alphabet

  • Learn how to interpret names to reveal personality traits and life events

  • Discover strategies to overcome obstacles and harness the power of numbers for success

Don't miss out on this opportunity to unravel the mysteries of your name and tap into its full potential. Reserve your spot now and let the adventure begin!


Step 1. Sign Up below Step 2. You will receive the basic Level 1 and Level 2 PDF along with Zoom login/link. Full cost: $320
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