Life Path 4 and Master 22, Order, practicality and Structure


Basic energies:

Planet/Sign: Uranus, Earth, Aquarius/Taurus. North Node/Rahu
Vedic Ruler: Mercury
Mode: Physical Consistency
Heart Chakra. Cup of Prayer, Compassion, Integration, Service
Color: Green
Harmonic astrological aspect = square (the work it takes to resolve challenges)
Tarot card: The Emperor
Body parts: Respiratory organs, Teeth, circulation
Day of the week. Sunday
Gemstone: green quartz. balance energy and promote wellbeing.
Daily Mathematics keyword: Culture or Freedom
Letters: D M V


This is a very stable and hard-working number. LP4 people are family loving, honest, and disciplined. You are organized and practical. Like the number suggests, 4 is interested in a square deal. LP 4 operates in an ethical above board manor. They are the steady hand of patients. While the 4 is calm and loyal, they do like to have a good time with close friends and have good intellectual conversations. They are not mindreaders and would rather others have an honest communication style.

Their love for a stable routine makes them pretty reliable. They go with what is proven and do not jump to conclusions. Even in spiritual matters, the 4 can move into spirituality once they see the practical application. Their ability to follow through with long term projects gives them an edge over others. You would be good as an Event planner, Accountant, Management, Architect, or Engineer. You have an eye for detail.

The best partners for LP 4 are LP6 and 8. 4s want a practical relationship. They do not do well at all with leaky runny emotions. Th 4 is in their head a lot and may approach relationships with some caution. They protect their heart and take a while to decide whether they should give it or not. They may other think things when it comes to a relationship. Sex may be another area that they are more head based than heart. They can have great sex and satisfy their partner, but some may just be doing the performative part of sex without dropping fully into their feelings. Sex gets better the more an LP4 feels the commitment from their partner.

As a 4, you can be narrow-minded at times, not wanted to see other points. A 4 can also be argumentative and opinionated. Some natives can be borring and dry without much humor. On the extreme, they can harbor hatred and violent tendencies. They can be jealous and crude.

Master LP#22/4

The 22 energy is the higher octave of 4. They are the master builders. They are good at details and can be a master at turning their spirit connection into material..

The huge power of the 22 may also lead to less positive outcomes such as developing an inferiority complex, becoming narrow and uncultured. At the extreme, it can turn into black magic, gang leadership, and wickedness.

Famous LP4s and 22s

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Bill Gates
  • Billy Graham
  • Bono
  • Brad Pitt
  • Bryan Adams
  • Dean Martin
  • Demi Moore
  • Donald Trump
  • Elton John
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Jewel
  • John Assaraf
  • John Kerry
  • Montel Williams
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Sir Paul McCartney
  • Sir Richard Branson

Finding your lifepath

This is about Lifepath 4. To find your lifepath number, add the digits in your birthday until you get a single number.

Example. August 9 1992.
1+9+9+2=21. 2+1=3.

8+9+3=20. 2+0=2.

Do not reduce any double digit like 11 or 22.

You can also have us do it for you.

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