Life path 6 and master 33, Home, Family, Responsibility

LP#6 and master 33

Basic energies:

Planet/Sign: Venus, Libra/Taurus
Vedic Ruler: Venus
Mode: Emotional Responsibility/Caretaker
Third Eye Chakra. Person at Prayer. Protection, Projection, Justice
Color: Indigo
Harmonic astrological aspect: Sextile (putting the work in and getting easy results)
Tarot card: The Lovers
Body parts: Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, face, groins, semen and genitals, heart, neck.
Day of the week: Friday
Gemstone: Blue Quartz. Harmony and light
Daily Mathematics keyword: Equality
Letters: F O X


The 6 is a home and family energy. You are domestic, artistic, and humanitarian. LP6 is a nurturer and a teacher. You are responsible and seek balance and order. Th 6 is not money focused, rather, their focus is on making a positive difference. They provide an atmosphere of love and comfort for those that are close to them. They enjoy an emotional connect with others and can work well in groups. You attract others and you can have a calm and even healing presents. You maybe a little parental with people you care about. You are all about protecting the Homefront and the ones you love. You may have an odd or unusual dress style. LP6s can think the best of people and often get disappointed.

Using your compassion and healing aura will work well as a nurse or doctor. Customer service, School teacher, and public servant may work as well. Many LP6s have amazing musical talent and can usually sing and write and produce their own product.

LP6 would be best with LP2, 4, and 8. Once you find a partner you love, you do what you can to keep the romance alive. You do little things to show your love and many of you like affection and kissing. LP6 is very sexual as well as emotional, so it can take some time to fully step into the full power of their sexuality. They love massages, long sex sessions along with the right music, mood and maybe even some candles. 6s may have little fetishes or private quirks.

At times, LP6 can be argumentative, mopy and self-righteous. They can be at once, smug, but still crave approval from others. They can put up an ugly defense wall that hides their low confidence. At the far extreme, they can become nosy and interfering. Domestic or sexual violence is possible with a low vibrating 6.

Master LP#33/6

These master teachers are compassionate, capable of deep understanding, and is empathetic. They are here to teach the higher levels of love. LP33 has a nurturing instinct and is capable of selfless giving.

On the other side, some can be careless, feel Burdened, become a martyr, or become meddlesome. Watch out for becoming a slave to others.

Famous LP6/Master 33

  • Albert Einstein
  • Christopher Reeve
  • Dwight Eisenhower
  • Eddie Murphy
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • George Steinbrenner
  • George W. Bush
  • Goldie Hawn
  • Howard Hughes
  • Joanne Woodward
  • John Denver
  • Michael Jackson
  • Richard Nixon
  • Robert DiNero
  • Rosie O’Donnell
  • Steve Irwin
  • Steven Tyler
  • Warren Hearting
  • Woodrow Willson

How to find your life path number

This is about Lifepath 6 and master 33. To find your lifepath number, add the digits in your birthday until you get a single number.

Example. August 9 1992.
1+9+9+2=21. 2+1=3.

8+9+3=20. 2+0=2.

Do not reduce any double digit like 11 or 22.

You can also have us do it for you.

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