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Core Confidence Life Podcast

Dennis R Sumlin, host of Core Confidence Life
Dennis R Sumlin

This show may contain some adult language.

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We discuss Self-Image, sex, society and spirituality from a holistic perspective. We look for fun, open minded, well informed guests that can bring in dept conversation, new prospective, and actionable methods to their topic. Somebody who can move between deep mature conversation to silly humor, all while being direct in their approach and not put off by adult language. Relatable, friendly, and can strike easy rapport.

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Dennis R Sumlin is a Mindset Coach and Teacher with a background in public speaking and Holistic personal development. He is the founder of Core Confidence Life, a coaching and education service. Through his company and a podcast by the same name, Dennis helps clients and students develop skills, principles and everyday methods to achieve a life of confidence, clarity, and dynamic creativity.

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The Core Confidence Life is a 40-60 minute, weekly personal development podcast that discusses and advocates a holistic, higher consciousness mindset and worldview, in an often uncensored fashion, from a male prospective. The show aims to help listeners decrease stress/anxiety, increase self-knowledge, and gain philosophical and practical methods to step down from traditionalist stigma and thinking, and step up to a higher level of self.

The host, Dennis R Sumlin approaches self-image, sex, society and spirituality from the lens of his personal and professional experience and his deep rooted spiritual beliefs. He also features authors, entrepreneurs, therapists, holistic teachers and other experts with similar views and practices to share their knowledge. He also welcomes the everyday Joe on the show to tell his story of overcoming personal challenges, building self-confidence, and life lessons.

Dennis R Sumlin is a certified communication and mindset coach, and the podcast is an aspect of his business which helps people improve communication skills, both with others and themselves.


New shows are posted Mondays at 12PM US Eastern Time. Shows are recorded in the New York City office and home studio of Core Confidence Life.





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Extreme Stress

Love and sex adiction

"Me Too" and Toxic Masculinity



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Sample Reviews

This is the podcast to listen to if you are a guy. The host Dennis is super hilarious and full of life. I know the podcast is in the health category, but it should also be in the comedy section. There are very few good podcasts that cater to the needs of men. This is the best I’ve seen. I strongly recommend Core Confidence Life.

  • Christian Modjaiso

Dennis’s shows are truly great. Extremely motivational and his personal style is easy to listen to, as well as to learn from. Highly recommended. This is really good stuff.

  • Frank Falcone

Suggested questions for interviews

  • What does Core Confidence mean?
  • Are some people born with more confidence than others, and if so, how do the rest of us gain it?
  • What is the concept of higher consciousness?
  • Why is it important to develop a higher consciousness?
  • What areas of life are affected by living with higher consciousness/being more mindful?
  • Why is stress and anxiety a problem for many people?
  • How do you become spiritual without religion?
  • What drives you to advocate a spirit centered lifestyle, and what does that look like for you?
  • You talk a lot about healthy intimacy, what do you mean by that?
  • How does living a high consciousness, spiritual lifestyle affect your views on the political and cultural issues of the day? E.G. Manhood, social policy, and so on.

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Deep Questions
CCL Podcast
March 30, 2019

Check out this podcast with Dennis R Sumlin. This guy “gets” me. 🙂 He is also a great host and really asks the deep questions without being shocking for shock value’s sake. I think I paused and sighed before answering more than I ever have on a podcast because the topic was so layered and he asked such awesome questions. The best podcast I’ve ever done! Let’s get RAW!

Listen and Learn
CCL Podcast
April 2, 2019

Dennis’s shows are truly great. Extremely motivational and his personal style is easy to listen to, as well as to learn from. Highly recommended. This is really good stuff.