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The Core Confidence life Podcast is a megaphone of motivation. We interview and promote people with a product, service or message that both inspires and entertains the audience. We interview men’s coaches, authors, and performing artists/entertainers who share their life story and lessons learned. We talk openly and honestly about the challenges in life.

We are heard in many countries and across platforms, and your message will be heard by thousands.

Dennis R Sumlin, host of Core Confidence Life
Dennis R Sumlin

This show may contain some adult language.

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Pop Tops

The original Pop Top Music Program is a 60 minute show that looks at The United States pop music top ten hits from any time from 1890 to the present, using the Billboard Hot 100 and its predecessors as the source. Each show has a theme. For example, songs with a person’s name in the title or songs with a color in the title. The show is hosted by Dennis R Sumlin, broadcasting from New York City. Since 2005, the show has entertained pop fans all over the internet.

The show can also be heard on Wednesday evenings at 8PM US Eastern on United As 1 Radio

Pop Top Talent TV