The Core Confidence Life Podcast is a space for pro growth minded men to share their life challenges with others in the understanding that one man’s story can help another man’s journey.

The host, Dennis R Sumlin provides a forum to discuss confidence, communication, relationships, sex, and other issues concerning healthy, authentic, productive manhood.

Coming from a nonreligious spirit/soul centered but down to earth prospective, the host engages the guests and the listeners in frank discussions, outlines solutions, and creates a fun, comfortable, informative atmosphere.


The purpose of this show is to help men break free of inner limitations, self-doubts and negative stigmas to own their personal power as a man, and be the leaders for their family, friends, and future.

Frank Falcone

Dennis’s shows are truly great. Extremely motivational and his personal style is easy to listen to, as well as to learn from. Highly recommended. This is really good stuff.

Frank Falcone CCL Podcast April 2, 2019

Based in New York City, The CCL podcast has had guests from all over the US, UK and Canada. Men’s coaches, therapists, authors, and others who work with men have appeared on the show, as well as the average Joe sharing his story.

New York City

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The show contains occasional use of adult language.

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Amanda Dobra Hope

Check out this podcast with Dennis R Sumlin. This guy “gets” me. 🙂 He is also a great host and really asks the deep questions without being shocking for shock value’s sake. I think I paused and sighed before answering more than I ever have on a podcast because the topic was so layered and he asked such awesome questions. The best podcast I’ve ever done! Let’s get RAW!

Amanda Dobra Hope CCL Podcast March 30, 2019

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