Life Path Math, Power of Numerology Course

Life Path Math is a numerology course that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to understand and interpret the meaning and energy of the numbers. After this course you will be able to read yours as well as other’s charts, draw together the psychology and events through the chart as well as conduct predictions and forecasts.


As mankind emerged from living a simple tribal life, numbers became increasingly important. Systems of all types were developed, from simple measurements that were used for everyday use to systems that were used for religious beliefs. These systems grew in complexity, taking on the understanding of a variety of factors. Many of these systems were developed by the Chaldeans, the Mayans, the Hindus, the Hebrews and the Chinese.

Pythagoras was one of the most influential people in the development of numerology. While he did not invent this system, he was certainly interested in it enough in order to advance it. He was able to predict the future for individuals by using their dates of birth and names. It was through much of his work that we are able to have a better understanding of numerology today and how it works.

This course, Life Path Math (LPM) will train you in Pythagorean numerology. Along with the course itself, you will get the Life Path Math text book PDF as well as other resources. You will also get the Zoom class link as the start date gets closer.

Numerology classes/course
December 1, 2022

I've always wanted to dig deeper into numbers. After my second divorce, I needed to align myself with the perfect fit for me. I knew these classes would open
my eyes to learn more about myself and my future mate.

The classes are OUTSTANDING... I'm so overwhelmed taking these Numerology Classes, learning so much about my pass life, my Life Path, Achievement number, and putting them all together has me in shock. Dennis breaks it down so simply and makes it make sense and you can apply it to your life, and share with others. This class
is truly life changing for me, and I know I can speak for the others in the class too.

Dennis's teaching is amazing, and I will always take his classes. I am so excited for our next class.

I gained so much. Examples: so much about myself, the decisions in life, even those rough days and months and years with the numbers it truly made so much sense. I have the key ingredients now to WIN for the rest of my life, and even assist and share with my kids for their life path.

I highly recommend all services from Dennis, OUTSTANDING teacher. Dennis is patient, and a great listener and full of great information that could help
anyone. You will finish your service feeling good with good information to apply to your life that will help you.

Course Dates and details

The current level will be 2 on February 21 2024. Look under that heading for more details.

Below is the details of the LPM Numerology Course

Level 1, Number Foundations, Click to

November 8 2023.

Week 1
All About The Basic Numbers. 1to9,and master. symbols, energies etc…

Week 2.
Lifepath number breakdown, double digit, achievement

Week 3.
Cycles and profiles

Week 4.
Life challenge codes, birthday gift, power of the 3 parts of birthday/yogic

week 5
Energy between numbers, self and others

week 6
chart breakdown

week 7

Level 2: The Name Game

Start Date: February 21 2024



Finding the Destiny Expression number
Intro to the Alphabet.


First Name Examination
Cornerstone, capstone, VC Challenge.


First/Middle/Last name overview.


Expression/destiny, soul urge, quiet self/personality and their challenges


Life Path and Destiny, Mature number
Karmic lesson and intensity numbers


Name Changes, marriage, adoption, etc.



Level 3, Transits and Weather forecasts, Click to

Starts January 25 2023

Week 1.

Universal and Personal year, month, day, hour.

Week 2.

Yearly Piriods, pinnacles and challenges

Week 3.

Age/Highlights, astro houses, magi numbers

Week 4.

intro to essence maps.

Week 5


Level 4, Advanced Numerology Tecniques, Click to

Week 1
Chaldean Numerology

Week 2
Base 12 Numerology

Week 3
Fibanochi/Golden Ratio

Week 4
Client questions about life

Week 5


Level 5, Dating The Numbers, Click to


1. Understanding the numbers and how they relate to each other.

the base numbers and masters

2. Life Path and Psychie

Understanding the roll of the life path and birthdate numbers

3. Names/Expressions

Understanding the roll of the name, soul and mature numbers

4. Relationship timing

The personal year cycles and relationship flow.

Level 6, Business Numerology, Click to

How to use Numerology in your business.

Areas that are covered:

1. How to give a career assessment with Numerology.

2. Choosing a business name.

3. Choosing a start or incorporation date for your business.

4. Location, Website, and other aspects of business.

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