Mars, The planet of war through the astrological signs and houses

Mars through the signs and houses

Mars is the action, drive, power, and initiation planet. It can show you some of your goals and the things you put energy into. It can also show hobbies and other interests. Mars is also part of your love planets, While Venus controls the things you are attracted to and your behavior in a relationship, Mars is part of your outer energy complex. It is the energy that attracts people towards you. Mars is also in control of your sex drive. It can show what kind of sex you like, as in habits and behavior. The sign that Mars is in will show how you express your assertive energies, and the house that Mars is in will show the area of life that you put energy and force in to. The forces of Mars are immensely powerful, and one must be careful not to over do it.

Mars is the natural ruler of the first house. 9 is the Mars number, and Tuesday is the Mars Day. Mars also rules muscular activity, the male sex organs, and arterial circulation. Mars rules war, weapons, fire, fighting, and other aggressive activity.

Mars through the signs


Mars is dignified. On the positive side, this is a placement with drive. These natives make good leaders and know how to run things. They are well suited for managerial positions. They show a high self confidence and are not afraid to take risks. They are well able to stand up for themselves, and usually will not let people take advantage of them. They are very direct, and their words are powerful. They can be very athletic. They may have a powerful masculine orra. People with this placement may be interested in sports, military, law, construction, or other related jobs. They are very spontaneous and move through life quickly. They have good intuition, and when they listen to it, they usually make good decisions. In the bedroom, they are very spontaneous, and love it when their partner surrenders to them. Some may love the conquest, and they are very strait forward about sex, and may go straight for your genitals.

On the negative side, these natives can be overly dominant, argumentative, and impulsive. Due to the fiery quality of this placement, the natives can be combative or confrontational. They may start things without seeing them through. They can have an overly inflated ego. They can speak what is on their mind but may not care about the feelings of the people around them. Their fiery words can cut people down. Violence is very possible with this placement, in fact some may enjoy it, and look at it like a sport, and some may even provoke it.


On the positive side, these natives are good organizers. They are steady and loyal. They are not afraid of hard repetitive work. They are cautious and protective over everything they care about. They have a flair for home management. A masculine ora, or a general vibe of toughness may be present. These natives are very grounded, and usually have good instincts about people. Office work would be just fine for these natives. Writing, singing, or anything that can express the simple beauty of their personality would be a good road. Finance, gardening, teaching, and beauty related jobs or activities may be a point of interest. In the bedroom, they can be very oral, and into using all the senses. They are very physical, and they are also very sensual. Massages, oils, and other things that involve sensual body contact is one of their needs. Taurus’s have a hard time going without sex, as they are one of the more sexual signs in the zodiac, so a need for a regular partner is present.

On the negative side, these natives can be uppity and snobby with an air of superiority. These natives may develop a sense of superiority, thinking that they know what is up, and those who do not see it that way are simply wrong. They can also be possessive, looking at everything from a “my property” viewpoint. They may also show these qualities in the home. They can be very territorial and controlling when it comes to domestic issues.


On the positive side, this placement is the energizer bunny. The sign of Gemini gives Mars a direct link to the mind. Good people and speaking skills can be present. These people can have many goals and do all of them at the same time. They like constant movement and change. These people may rearrange their fernichor or travel to different places. Anything new and different. They are the kind of people that will accumulate knowledge just for the sake of having it. They may have a detached ora that can oscillate between assertive and laid back. They can go through different jobs or hold down more than one job. Communication, music, and psychology can be some of the things that they can get in to. Journalism, sales, and the travel industry may be other points of interest. They may become a perfectionist. In the bedroom, change is especially important. They like mental stimulation. They like the physical, but it is the mental that gets them going. They are very oral and talking during sex may turn them on. They have many ideas on how to make sex better. These natives have the ability to adapt to whatever their partner is into, and like it.

On the negative side, these natives can be fickle, scattered, and shallow. Due to the changeable nature of this placement, the natives can become indecisive. They have so many abilities, that they may not be able to decide which way to go. This can result in becoming stationary. They may not be able to pursue the things they like, so they will just find ways to make money. They can also be detached, insensitive, and shallow. Their mines are continually active, and this may result in a short attention span. They may have a hard time focusing their energies.


Mars is in its fall. On the positive side, this placement pushes the nurturing qualities to the front. This person can be exceedingly kind and mothering. A feminine or gentle orra may be present. Some of the hobbies of this person may be cooking, volunteering, and writing. Careers in medicine, ladies’ fashion, religion, domestic activities, or therapy may also be possible. This person will go wherever their feelings take them. They also are very family orientated and may want a family of their own. They are very nurturing over everybody. They are generally very upbeat and positive and make loyal friends. In the bedroom, these natives are extremely sweet and sensitive. They do not have a problem with ruff sex, in fact, they may like submission games. They will not always tell you what turns them on. They can also be romantic and sensual.

On the negative side, these natives can be overly emotional, selfish, and unstable. Since they are extremely sensitive, they may put up a wall of protection. They can sometimes come off as cold, shady, or rood. If you pay attention, you can see right through that shell. They can be very moody and overreact to just about everything. They can become selfish in an atemped to protect their emotions. They may also be controlling, thinking that they know what’s best for the people who are close to them.


On the positive side, this hot fiery placement gives the native drive and a dominant masculine streak. They can be very steadfast in their ways and have lots of pride. These natives may show a high self esteem and have a knack for taking the spotlight. Even though they can shine in public, their fixed quality gives them a need for privacy as well. They are highly creative, and win people over with their outgoing ways, and their grace. These natives can be strong willed with a high sense of individuality and independence. They are very generous and loyal to the people that they care about. Performing arts, public speaking, and other careers that bring the spotlight are good possibilities. Ecsecutive positions or any area where they can have an influential roll would be good. In the bedroom, these natives want lots of attention. Leo is the sex sign of the Zodiac, and sex is a hobby for them, and they may enjoy sex more than most people. They love it when their partner thinks very highly of them, and they may even like it if their partner gets into body worship. They have a self-indulgent sex drive, and like some inequality in sex. They can be deeply passionate, and they can come on strong, and want their needs met quickly. They can be short on foreplay.

On the negative side, these natives can be overly dramatic and demanding with an overly inflated, fragile ego. Due to the fixed independent quality of this placement, the natives can be very overbearing when it comes to how things around them should go. They may want things their way, and if not, you may see some temper. You may also find it surprisingly easy to booze their pride. They may not take criticism well, and interpret it as an attack on there independence, integrity, or dignity, even if it is not meant that way. They can also be lazy, and procrastinating. Their fixed nature can also cause them to be territorial.


On the positive side, these natives are very well organized. They have a sharp mind and good analytical skills. They have a humanitarian streak and enjoy public service. These natives do not need public recognition of their deeds; so many things they do may go unknown. A feminine or refined ora may be present. They may also have some attachment or strong association with women. They are generally exceptionally clean and health conches. Medicine, writing, bookkeeping, finance, law, non-profit, and proof reading may be things that they are good at. They are particularly good to their friends and lovers. In the bedroom, they are very accommodating to their mate. They get off on giving their partner the maximum pleasure. They like partners who may keep a low profile, and have a sweet, simple, or innocent image. These natives may not be as picky as they come across, and they can get into voireizum. They may have a few hidden fetishes.

On the negative side, these natives can be nit picky, overly critical, and self rightchus. Due to the analytical qualities in this placement, these natives may obsess over small things, and get caught up in little details that could take their focus away from the larger task at hand. They may also become self rightchus, thinking that nobody does anything as well as they do. These things can bring out the fussiness of the native. At times, they always seam to be complaining about something. Neat freakiness or germofobia is possible.


Mars is in its detriment. On the positive side, this placement loves people. Good social skills and balance is what some of the important things are. They may have a code of conduct and do not like it when people do not get along. They put energy into finding balance for themselves and others. They are able to see both sides of a sitchuation and come to a fair conclusion that can satisfy both sides. They have a big heart and like to help people and usually does not like discrimination. They can be the champion of the underdog, or people who otherwise do not have a voice. Beauty is another important thing. They may make it a point to be physically attractive to people. They can also attract people with their charm. They can give off a laid back, friendly ora that strikes the right balance between Yin and Yang. Jobs like fashion and social work may be possible. Diplomatic, acting, advocacy, and law may be points of interest. Anything that brings out their eye for beauty or is for the greater good of people. In the bedroom, fairness in love making will be present. Some of them may have a romantic flair, always wanting to set the right mood. A lot of people with this placement may play the submissive roll, but the best way to satisfy them is for there to be give and take.

On the negative side, these natives can be over baring, and weak with no sense of self. Due to the social qualities in this placement, the natives may try to please all the people all the time. This can result in dishonesty. They may say whatever they think will satisfy the person they are in front of, or whatever they feel will keep the peace. These natives may also get into controversial or confrontational situations that they cannot handle. They may also be so compromised, that they may allow harmful friendships or associations to continue and lack the strength to disassociate themselves from those people.


On the positive side, this is a very inderring, strong and dominant placement. The native may have a masculine ora. Long range goals, drive, and a high moral code can be present. This person may also be very academic. Education is especially important to these natives. Some of these natives may go the traditional road and attain degrees from universities, but others may take an independent road. Both methods will result in a person who is accomplished and experienced. They insist on having control over their own life. They set the plan, and they follow it. They are deeply emotional, but do not like for other people to see it. They may think of it as a loss of control. These natives have the knack of getting to the bottom of a sitchuation with their penetrating mind. They can be very responsible and know how to take care of business. They have a protective shell up around them so they can stay detached from any emotional trauma. They are very loyal, selfless people. Jobs in the corporate world can be good. Military, medicine, sports, and detective work may be other areas of promise. Anything that brings out their leadership qualities or requires discipline. In the bedroom, these natives are very intense. They have a powerful sex drive. Some of these natives enjoy doing anything, and love breaking down taboos, but others may go on long sexual shutdowns, or otherwise use sex as an instrument of control. Sex is not just physical with these people, it can be a complex emotional undertaking, and many of them cannot have sex just for the act of sex.

On the negative side, these natives can be evil and vindictive people whose dominant ways only cover up the insecure person on the inside. Due to the intense emotional nature of this placement, these natives may believe in revenge. They could feel that the only way to satisfy their hurt is to retaliate with vicious force. They can also become so overwhelmed with insecurity, that it could be hard to function. They hold on to negative events and emotions from the past, and this could make them a generally angry or insecure person.


On the positive side, this is an upbeat, carefree placement. They just want to have fun. This placement can give fire and a dominant masculine ora to the native. They are not afraid of a challenge and may show competitive tendencies. These people value honesty and purity. There is usually no mystery to what these people are about. They can be very adaptable, friendly outgoing people. They are open, and people may find it extremely easy to talk to them. They have a good sense of humor and can usually find just about anything funny. They may accumulate lots of acquaintances from across the world or from a wide range of backgrounds. They usually have a liberal, or a live and let live view of life, even if they live conservatively themselves. Traveling is another way they express their freedom. Jobs like broadcasting, teaching, religion, politics, publishing, or law may be good areas. Jobs that require lots of traveling may also be good. Anything that allows them to feel free or something that requires leadership. In the bedroom, the fun does not stop. They can treat sex just like a sport, and they are very frank about what they want and how they want it. They do not like it when people play hard to get. They may also be low on romance. They do not want to waste any time. Getting to the action and getting to the climax is their aim.

On the negative side, these natives can be rood, undisciplined, spoiled, and tactless. Due to the freewheeling qualities of this placement, the native may be so blunt as to be abrasive. They may speak their mind but do so in a rood or inappropriate manor. They can show surprising disregard for the feelings of others. Since these natives are usually lucky, they can develop an attitude that they are entitled to everything. The possibility for taking people for granted is also present. Sarcasm and confrontational tendencies may also be present.


Mars is exalted. On the positive side, this is a strong, well focused, driven placement. The native can show a masculine, tough, or hard nosed ora. They can also come off as reserved and methodical. These people know what they want, and know how to get it. They are not afraid of hard work; in fact, some of them can become workaholics. They are professional and know how to deal with the public. They may make good business partners, and are generally supportive of other people’s ambitions, and do not mind lending their power and skills. Jobs in the corporate field may be good. You may find these natives in mining, oil, or any land related job, or something that requires discipline, or a steady hand. In the bedroom, sex is usually strait forward, and they want a partner who is experienced. Age may play into sex as well. They like strong and powerful lovers and can get on a power trip themselves. They are very physical and may love penetration more than the average person. Since they are an earth sign, their stamina is usually particularly good, but once they are satisfied, it is over. Usually, you can get to your climax first.

On the negative side, these natives can be evil, slave driving dictators. Due to the hard nosed, earthy quality of this placement, the natives can be unemotional and lack compassion. They want what they want, and they will get it, even if they must roll over people to get there. They are prone to dark moods and depression, and when they are in those moods, they can be judgmental, blunt, and condescending. Some people with this placement have anger management issues and are subject to developing power trips.


On the positive side, this is a forward thinking, progressive, advanced placement. The native can show a headstrong dominant ora. They are usually frank. They believe in fairness and equality for all. They will take up a cause or be a voice for people who do not have one. They are usually not judgmental and believe that everybody has the capacity to be great. They are self-assured and can move forward with effective action. They are highly independent and individualistic. They may know a lot of people, but they keep few people close to them. Due to their detached airy nature, they are not distracted by emotional instabilities. This allows them to do their deed with maximum effectiveness. Jobs that they can contribute toward influential change are good. Leadership positions, humanitarian or non-profit positions and the occult may be particularly good. In the bedroom, these natives are incredibly open minded and blunt about sex. They may like a little distance when it comes to sex as well. Phone sex, voyeurism, and other detached practices may be present. They may also like the idea of getting caught, or almost getting caught. The idea of secret affairs can also be a turn on. Their advanced and unique mind does not quit.

On the negative side, these natives can be overly dominant, contrary, perverted outcasts. Due to the airy unconventional quality of this placement, the natives can become arrogant and bossy. They may feel that they know what’s best for you, without having a clue what to do next. They may continuously act tough and bark out orders, but they are not ready for the consequences. They may develop a quirky, eccentric personality that will alienate people. They can also develop unusual sexual practices, even to the point of being illegal.


On the positive side, this can be a very intuitive and nurturing placement. A feminine, laid back, or otherwise quiet or peaceful vibe may be present. These natives are usually calm, easy going, and fun to be around. These people have a lot of creativity. They stand up for those who are mistreated in some way. They have a sense of justice, and they want to right the wrongs. They can have expensive taste, and they make it their business to look presentable, and even stylish. They can be a good listener and very understanding when it comes to emotional circumstances. This makes for a good friend. Jobs in the marine industry, science, medicine, religion, the occult, and other related areas are good. In the bedroom, they can be very flirtatious, sensual, and romantic. Nonverbal communication can turn them on. Some may prefer to intuit what you like, or try different things, and see what works. They can be very sexually open minded, an into lot of phantasy play.

On the negative side, these natives can be overly sensitive unrealistic wery warts. Due to the sensitive watery quality of this placement, natives can be very indecisive. It may be hard to make a firm decision on a wide range of issues. They may be very indirect, even dishonest with people. This is usually to avoid hurting other people, or to protect their own feelings. They can be manipulating, and have no problem playing mental or emotional games with people. Others may suffer guilty feelings about anger or carry around issues from the past. Others may drift through life, not really asserting too much control over it. Playing the victim roll is also possible.

Mars through the houses

1st house

With this powerful planet in your first house, you can come off as very assertive, and sometimes aggressive. You have lots of energy and you are always moving an talking. You are out to make a name for yourself and show that powerful but sometimes innocent strength. You may look to be unstable to other people at times. When around people, you shine, and you are able to take center stage. When Mars is on your ascendant, it can override some of the quietness in less aggressive signs. If something or some one catches you at the wrong time, you can be hot tempered, and be ready for war.

2nd house

this placement directs the powerful impulsive energies of Mars into the area of money and possessions. These people are great when it comes to earning money. They can be extremely hard workings, thus being able to buy lots of possessions. They can be very possessive. While being able to get money, there can be irresponsible when it comes to managing it. They insist on absolute control in this area and will defend it with vigorous force. If they even think that another person is trying to control them, damage their property, cheat them, or do anything negative, you will see explosive reactions.

3rd house

You are a tireless communicator, especially when it comes to talking about what you believe. You have the ability to master all forms of communication. You have a sharp tung. You may get fired up if others do not agree with your philosophy. At that point, you can become combative. While you can be an exhalent debater, you can also try to dominate discussions. This hard-core approach is used when accumulating knowledge. You pick up things quickly, especially if you are allowed to learn independently.

4th house

In this house, many people may not see your aggressive side allot, but the people in your home sure do. Lots of fireworks are going off in the home. You may have a combative or competitive relationship with family members. You want to be the one in control. You want to set up the home in the way that you want it and test the limits of your own power.

5th house

In this house, your power is directed in recreational pursuits. You are great when it comes to physical ruff and tumble sports, body building, or anything that shows off your dominant energy. You love competition. This outward power is also seen in creative activities, as you excel in many areas of the performing arts, especially acting. You have a healthy sex drive as well. You seek out partners and treat sex like a sport. Romantic affairs do not last long because you are always off to the next one. Be careful that you are not too hard on children. While you could be a good roll model, you may push your kids too hard at times.

6th house

You feel very strongly about public service, and you are a hard worker. In fact, you may push yourself too hard. You do not like to work with people who do not move at the same speed that you do. This can strain relations with others. It may be best if you took up a cause that allowed you to work independently. You are into good health, and you may get into working out, making sure your body is operating at top capacity. Be sure that you do not become an excessive body builder, as that may have the opposite affect.

7th house

You need a partner that can keep up with you. You tend to pick partners that can be combative. A person that can hold their own in an argument can be a mager turn on for you. Be careful of jumping into conflict without first trying to work them out another way. You need somebody that can keep up with your sexual energy as well. Since you thrive off other people, you may jump in and out of relationships often. You may also try to rise above personalities, but this could just turn into being a showoff.

8th house

This can be an immensely powerful place for an already powerful planet, but many challenges are found here. Since this house deals with emotional power, you can get fired up quickly. You may develop skills of emotional control and use that power to get your way. This is where any magical powers can be used for less than good reasons. You have trouble trusting people, so you do not open as readily as others would. This placement gives you the ability to break things down to the bare bones. It is easy for these powers to spin out of control; thus, you can be reckless, and suffer trauma. If you learn to harness your energies, you can achieve your goals and find happiness in relationships.

9th house

You are full of life when Mars is in this house. Your zest for life, your good sense of humor, and your honesty is a big attraction for a lot of people. Your energies are focused on higher education. As you move through life, you gather more and more knowledge. While you have a well-developed philosophy, and the dynamic ability to defend it, be sure you do not become closed to others’ opinions. You can also become arrogant and condemn those who are not like you. You can get into things that take you across the world, or into different culchers. Religion could be an interest for you. You want to find the truth in everything that you do.

10th house

In this house, Mars takes on the world of business. They love to climb the career path and be known as a skilled worker. This powerful drive could turn them into a bit of a workaholic. Taking the rains of power and influence come easy to these people. Careers that allow the physical abilities to shine are promising fields. This person is headstrong and can use intellectual power as well. This person wants to be seen as capable, but they do not care about most other kinds of opinions. Be careful not to get carried away with power. If not kept in check, abuse of power can take hold, and you can turn into an arrogant iron fisted tyrant.

11th house

You have a natural talent to take the stage and form a movement. While being a team player is not what you may prefer at times, you find that you can get a lot further along in your mission to change society. You do not keep very many close friends because your mind is always working to further social change. Be careful not to get into combative sitchuations with friends. Friendly compotission is cool, but do not get carried away. Your energy is most powerful when it comes to humanitarian goals. Sports teams are another great possibility for this placement.

12th house

This can be an exceedingly difficult placement for people. The energies of Mars are often zapped or hidden. You may not feel the need to express yourself because you may think that it will not do any good. Your energies go up and down, and it is hard to finish things on time, and this can turn into procrastination. People with this placement may do things behind the seens, they can work very well on their own. They do not need supervision. These people can lack self confidence, and the drive to let their feelings known, but they have a continually active subconscious. Desires and potential goals are burning inside of them. The powers of Mars are locked up in this house, so anger does not have an outlet. Anger can often turn into depression. You must find a way to release this anger in a constructive manner, because if you should ever blow up, it can have devastating results. You are very compassionate, and you always look out for those who are disadvantaged in some way. Self sacrifice is strong in this placement. You can put aside your needs for the needs of others but be careful that this does not turn into resentment. You should learn how to stand your ground. You have strong beliefs, and you should learn how to become more confident in expressing and pursuing them.

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