Mercury, Planet of communication in the signs and houses

Mercury controls the mind. It can tell you how you process information, how you communicate, the path that you take when it comes to decision making, and a general idea of how the senses work. As with any placement, the position of the sun will have an impact. This is especially true with mercury. The sun can only be in 1 of three signs as compared to Mercury. The sign before, the same, or the one after. This will slightly modify or offset the influence of the Mercury placement. In the houses, you can see the areas in which you put the most thought into. The places where you want to have a voice in, and where your mind is the most active and comfortable.

Mercury controls Gemini, Virgo, and the 3rd and 6th houses. It rules the number 5 and Wednesday. Respiration and the nervus system are also under Mercury. This planet also runs all forms of communication. Emails, phones, letters, and related methods.

Mercury in the signs and houses


These natives make quick swift decisions. Their minds work fast, and they usually do not have time for small details. They may feel that the sooner things get done, the faster things can move forward. These natives may develop a unique way of communicating, and they are usually strait forward. A lot of these natives are progressive in their thoughts, and they may switch from one opinion to another to keep up with changing circumstances. They can learn quickly, but they need to learn in a streamlined fashion, and they can be very innovative and powerful speakers. They do not understand others who are more indecisive.


Natives with this placement can take a while to think and process information, but when they are done, the conclusion will be very well thought out, and the natives will stand firm on their opinion. Some may take a while to get going on a new project or mental endeavor, but once they start, they can see it through to conclusion. They have natural common sense at their disposal, and they use all their senses to help them gather information. When they speak, it can sound authoritative. These natives learn best when the practicality of the topic is shown. They want to know the everyday usage of the topic in question.


Mercury is dignified. The natives of this placement are generally quick witted, and they can come across as scattered. This is due to their eclectic interests. They know a little about everything, but they may not know a lot about any one topic. They like knowledge for the sake of having it, and they can spit out facts and figures about many different topics. They can process information at incredible speeds, and they are fast learners, but if they are not learning in an exciting and stimulating manor, they can quickly get board, and their mind will shift. They are very detached from their opinions, and their opinions can change quickly. There are those who come off as slow, or whose mind can drift, and they can have issues with paying attention to any one thing for a long time.


These people communicate with feeling, and they come across as sensitive and thoughtful. The natives of this placement are probably deep thinkers, but they do not always communicate what is on their mind. They are good listeners, and their tone can make people feel comfortable. These people can feel you out while you talk to them, hearing the emotion behind what you are saying. They have a good memory, and they can recall information based on emotional circumstance or attachment. The native can learn best when they feel emotionally balanced. They take a step-by-step approach to learning, and when forming an opinion, they need to withdraw. This helps them make good decisions.


Mercury is in its fall. When these people speak, they come across with some authority. Some of them can come across as know it alls, but others come across with stile. They have the ability to see the big picture, but without seeing all the little details. They possess the art of persuasion, and they use their charm, warmth, good will, and grace to do so. They can be passionate and enthusiastic speakers, and some may develop a sophisticated way of speaking. Mercury in this sign can be very fixed in their opinions, and some may even become arrogant, and they do not like their intelligent to be questioned.


Mercury is dignified. These natives are very detail orientated. A place for everything, and everything in its place could be the phrase for these natives. If things are out of order, these natives can become fussy. They learn in an incredibly detailed fashion and need a step-by-step plan of action. They can adopt the attitude that nobody does it like they do. This can cause the natives to take on more than they can handle, than complain that they are doing all the work. Overall, they are very therrow, efficient, productive workers, and results will be something worth while.


These natives come across as very diplomatic and fair. They value diplomacy in all its forms. They strive for mental equality, and have no problem debating an issue. This is to examine all sides of an issue. They may play devil’s advocate, just to get people to see another side. Even though they like debate, they are aware of the people around them, and they approach people in a caring, nonjudgmental fashion. They may not be direct when communicating negative opinions about a person, instead, they may take a general, nonthreatening approach. Due to the fact that these natives insist on fairness and compromise, they can change opinions, or go back and forward on an issue, just to make sure that there is a balance. Ofcorce, this can make them seem indecisive. They may also ask other people for advice, and when they get it, they may do the opposite.


These natives are natural detectives. They like to get to the heart of a matter. They will cut through the surface to get to the basic function or truth. They may go deeper into things that most people do not care about. They may come across as suspicious or skeptical. This is because they do not like mysteries, or vague concepts. They can be highly intelligent, and have no problem sharing information with you that has nothing to do with them personally. This is when their shrude, on point judgments shine through. They can be a great advocate for people they care about, even if they cut somebody else down to do it. Things that have to do with them personally are scude in all kinds of emotion, mystery, and maybe even negativity. They do not mind a good mental challenge, but they want to come out on top.


Mercury is in detriment. Freedom of thought is what these natives strive for, and they have a strait forward way of approaching issues. They prefer to be honest, and usually have no filters on what they say, and they have a hard time understanding the need to lie. They usually do not play mind games, and they hate it when it is done to them. They have a good sense of humor, and it is not hard to get them laughing. Some of these natives think big and have lots of vision. They learn best when they are interested in the topic, or when the subject is presented as something fun. They defend justice and freedom, and they probably have a hole set of principles that they live by, and have no problem telling you what they are. They like a lot of space; therefore, they will trash things that they feel is clutter, or they will just get it out of the way. They are generally open minded and optimistic, but they can come across as moralistic, as they point out the injustices about other people. This can also cause them to come across as preachy.


Natives of this placement are very methodical, and they may speak and write slowly. When a lot of information is thrown at them at once, it can be hard for them to manage it. Instead, they break down information into manageable parts, and processes it slow. This method allows the mind to discard anything that they view as waste. Law making comes natural to them. They are not usually long winded, and they do not care for it in others. When they speak, it is usually concise and to the point. These natives are usually very mentally active, and they take on projects that will produce tangible and practical results. These natives can have an authoritative air about them or exhibit a tendency for intellectual snobbery. They can be judgmental, and they may compartmentalize and rank everything around them. They may not understand or look down upon people who do not understand concepts that they do. They can get upset if people do not honor or respect their word.


Mercury is exalted. These natives may have an unconventional way of thinking, and they may enjoy pointing out inconsistency in other people’s ideas. Their mind is very sharp, and they enjoy intellectual debates, however, some of them may talk about a topic while failing to listen to the other person’s side of the conversation. They are very headstrong and fixed, and they believe that their ideas are the right ones. They can have a tendency to force their opinion on others in some way. These people are highly organized, but it could be hard for others to understand their stile, and they do not follow traditional methods of study. Their minds are geared towards helping man kind. They have a unique and well-developed sense of humor, and may like practical jokes, or anything that shocks people in some way.


Mercury is in detriment. These natives are very warm, gentle, and sometimes even poetic communicators, and they are not into paying attention to detail, instead, they absorb the feelings and emotions of things around them. They are generally good listeners, but when it is time for them to communicate, the mood of the native can have an impact. Sometimes they can be quiet, but other times, they can be very talkative. They are very tactful and may be able to intuit what people want to hear. Other times, they just may say what people want to hear because they want people to feel comfortable. They have an open mind, and they take in a lot of information from everywhere. They may lack organization, but they have great vision. They can also be indirect, and have a hard time making firm decisions. A dreamy quality may also be present.


First House

You are quite verbal and communicative and eager to get your own ideas and opinions across to others. You may have a lot to say and go on and on about things that interest you, or just little fact that you have picked up along the way. Others see you as lively and vercital.

Second House

Your mental energies are focused on practical matters such as money and material things. You have a great mind for economics, and you know just how to accumulate money. Your mind works best when it is operating on an earthly materialistic area.

Third House

Your mind is on speed and works very quickly. You are particularly good when it comes to taking in facts and figures. You can harness the communication skills you need to get your point across, and you can be very talkative. Your mind can move from one thing to another, so it can be hard for you to focus on any one thing for a long time.

Fourth House

Your mental strength is best seen when it comes to personal matters of home and things that allow you the be introspective. Keeping a journal and analyzing your own inner workings are some of the things that you will be doing. You may also read, write, or anything that creates calmness around you.

Fifth House

In this house, your mind works best when engaged in recreational pursuits that require your highly developed analytical skills. Things like puzzles or other mental exercises would be good. You get allot of pleasure from studying. You also like to show off your verbal skills in a dramatic or creative way. You may also put allot of time thinking and planning things around romantic sitchuations.

Sixth House

Mercury is very sharp in this house. Your mental powers are used to break things down to little, little pieces. You may also accumulate knowledge about the workings of your body or the human body in general. You may use your flair for detail to serve other people. Teaching other people what you know, and how you got there can be one of the things you will get into.

Seventh House

The debating and negotiating skills of this planet will be easily seen in this house. You love a good discussion, and you like to learn from other people. You may seek a public stage in which to show your debating talents, and you can do it in a dramatic way.

Eighth House

This is where Mercury goes into the world of the unknown. Diving deep to find out the mysteries of life. You like to gain knowledge about power and use that power in and influential way. The world of spirits, magic, and psychology are things that your mind is focused on. Breaking down barriers and uncovering the true meaning of things is where your mental strength is seen best.

Ninth House

This placement gives your mind a global feel to it. You may learn about different culchers, and religions. You are the eternal student, always wanting to know more and more. Too much is not enough. You will build up knowledge about philosophy, and you will climb the latter of higher education.

Tenth House

You think a lot about your career, and your place in the world. You put your mind to work on figuring out what will suit you best, and how to get there. You will build on methods to make you stand out in public and use your brain power to make yourself shine.

Eleventh House

This is where you can use your powers to bring together people for a common cause. You work best when it comes to organizing movements and understanding how groups work. Once you get a movement going, you know how to effectively get things done. You are also good with making friends, and winning people over in general, as they are impressed with your intelligence, and your speaking stail.

Twelfth House

This house closes your outward expression. While you are a deep thinker, you may not want to, or not be able to communicate those thoughts in public. While you may not be good at practical stuff, you have a very colorful and creative imagination. Your intuition is very sharp, and you may relay on this to get you through.

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