Navigating the Centuries: Exploring the Numerology Energies of the 1900s and 2000s

If you look at your calendar you will notice that there is a “2” in front of the year. This means a whole lot. If you have been engaged in the cultural ups and downs, you have heard the chatter about women shunning men, men feeling disempowered and the on going gender wars. This is going to continue. When the “2” replaced the “1” in 2000, it brought the major change to the dominant energy of the world. Lets take a look at the dethroned “1” and the ascendant “2”.

The 1900s and the 2000s have seen their fair share of ups and downs, marked by significant events and the influence of cosmic energies tied to numerology. The energy of the numbers 19 and 20 will be explored

The Roaring 1900s – Embracing the Divine King Energy (1)

In the 1900s, the number 19, with its essence rooted in the combination of the pioneering 1 and the transformative 9, brought forth a unique energy. The masculine energy of the number 1, often associated with leadership and independence, played a significant role in shaping the century. From technological advancements to political movements, the influence of the divine King energy was palpable.

Good Vibes with the 1

Technological Revolution: The 1900s witnessed the rise of technological marvels like the invention of the airplane, space exploration, and the birth of the internet. Fly baby fly!

Leadership Moments: Visionary leaders emerged, driving transformative changes globally, from the civil rights movements to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Some of those leaders were even Life Path 1.

Challenges with the 1

World Wars: The assertiveness of the 1 energy also saw the dark side with the outbreak of two World Wars, illustrating the destructive potential of unchecked power.

The Harmonious 2000s – Embracing the Divine Queen Energy (2)

As we stepped into the 2000s, the energy shifted to the number 20, characterized by the influence of the feminine and nurturing 2. The divine Queen energy of the 2 has brought a more harmonious and collaborative atmosphere, emphasizing balance and diplomacy.

Positive Vibes

Global Cooperation: The 2000s witnessed increased international collaboration, seen in efforts like the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Technological Connectivity: The rise of social media and digital communication fostered global connectivity, emphasizing the importance of collaboration. Lets all hold hands!


Global Conflicts: While the 2 energy promotes cooperation, it hasn’t entirely eradicated conflicts, with geopolitical tensions and regional disputes persisting. Remember, “2′ is also discord and divorce!

Balance Struggles: Striking a balance between individual interests and collective well-being remains an ongoing challenge.

Navigating the Energies Ahead

As we continue into the 21st century, the influence of the number 20 will guide us. The divine Queen energy encourages cooperation, inclusivity, and a focus on holistic well-being. The feminine touch invites nurturing solutions to global challenges, and the emphasis on balance signals a potential shift toward environmental sustainability and social equity.

Positive Aspects

Sustainable Practices: The feminine energy may inspire a greater commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable practices.

Empathy and Collaboration: Increased emphasis on empathy and collaboration could lead to innovative solutions for global issues.


Struggles for Equality: Despite progress, achieving true social equality may face ongoing challenges.

Balancing Individual and Collective Needs: Striking a balance between individual aspirations and collective goals requires continuous effort.

The energies of the 1900s and 2000s, guided by the divine King and Queen, have shaped our world in intricate ways. As we navigate the currents of the 21st century, recognizing and harnessing the divine Queen energy may offer us the tools needed to address the complex challenges of our time and foster a more balanced and harmonious global society.

Dress for the numbers

Each number not only has masculine and feminine energy, they also have colors, and you can use these colors to maximize the energies of each day. When you pick up this book you will be armed with the energy to direct the numbers in your favor. Wear the color of the Queen energy or King energy so you can step into your royalty!

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