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Major numbers in your chart

Your numerology chart has many factors in it. There are 2 parts of your number chart. Below, you can calculate the 5 core numbers of your chart.

Karmic Lessons/Missing numbers

Along with the 5 core numbers, there are also missing numbers that will tell you energies that are not expressed. These are karmic lessons. Things that you did not manage last time around. You get another shot! Below you can calculate the missing numbers from your name expression.

Name energy/hidden passion

The number that shows up in your name the most is the energy of your name. This can also be looked at as a hidden passion of yours. Calculate your name energy below.

balance number

Tapping into the energy of this number will recenter you.

Mature/Power number

This number becomes stronger as you move into middle adulthood.

Essence Transit Map

A year by year breakdown of your life using letter and number codes.

Romance compatibility calculator

Lucky Numbers

non English alphabet

Numerology Apps

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numbers and crystals

  • Number 1 The gemstone for number 1 is Garnet and it symbolises courage and strength.
  • Number 2 Choose Rutilated Quartz if your life path is ruled by number 2. It will provide security and self confidence.
  • Number 3 Communication and creativity need to be boosted if you’re a number 3. Select Amazonite and carry it with you.
  • Number 4 If 4 is your number, green quartz will help you balance out your energy and promote your well being.
  • Number 5 You’re a 5? Your numerology gemstone is aquamarine. Keep one in your life to guarantee peace, courage and tolerance.
  • Number 6 Blue Quartz is your gemstone. It means harmony and light.
  • Number 7 For number 7, pick an Amethyst. This beautiful gemstone promotes inner light and spirituality.
  • Number 8 If you’re number 8, you want to boost your chances of material success, self confidence and intellectuality. That’s why Citrine is your Numerology gemstone.
  • Number 9 Rose Quartz symbolizes unconditional love, and this is what a number 9 needs in his or her life.

The number/letter system

Below are the letters, and what numbers they vibrate to.

  • 1=A, J, S
  • 2=B, K, T
  • 3=C, L, U
  • 4=D, M, V
  • 5=E, N, W
  • 6=F, O, X
  • 7=G, P, Y
  • 8=H, Q, Z
  • 9=I, R

Default number grid

Below is the grid that you would place the digits of your birthday on, then assess the strength of the different energies and plains of expression.

3 6 9
2 5 8
1 4 7

You can also use the above table for your name spread as well.

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