Platonic male friendships, sex positivity, A man’s journey to be comfortable with self.

As humans, we are social beings. One of the most importent relationships we can build are friendships.

Due to stigma, many men have a hard time being close to other men, especially when you talk about being affectionate with a male friend. This stigma harms us as men and stunts a part of our growth.

On today’s show our guest talks about his journey towards breaking that stigma. We also talk about breaking the stigma of sexual expression.

Instead of feeling shame for what turns us on, and guild about the kind of sex we like, its better that we own our sexuality as men, and share that with other consenting adults, while ridding ourselves of sexual shame.

Drop shame and stigma, and walk in your core confidence

Guest: Podcaster, Stuard Rice


Stuart Rice likes to claim that he is the 3rd smartest, 3rd funniest and 3rd most attractive person you will know.
During the day, Stuart helps sales people and sales organizations reach their next level goals through training and building sustainable business strategies
with Impactful Sales Solutions (

When not working with sales people, Stuart invites interesting people to have intriguing conversations… and then improvise comedy sketches from what they
talked about on his podcast “Sketch Comedy Podcast Show” (

Marathon Productions, Stuart’s production company, also helps others produce their podcasts and is looking to expand his services with new partners and
show ideas.

Stuart lives in Portland, OR, where he is an active member of the sex-positive community and is he is just about done raising his kids (21, 18, 15) and mainly just enjoys being around them now. 

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