The Pop Top Music Program is a 60 minute show that looks at The United States pop music top ten hits from any time from 1890 to the present, using the Billboard Hot 100 and its predecessors as the source. Each show has a theme. For example, songs with a person’s name in the title or songs with a color in the title. The show is hosted by Dennis R Sumlin, broadcasting from New York City.

Dennis also hosts Pop Top Shop with pop/dance artist, co-host Evan Safford. Pop Top Shop is a live 60 minute show broadcast on Facebook that reviews and promotes up and coming, independent and lesser known artists.

Pop Tops

You can here the show….

  • Thursdays 7PM US Eastern on G-Spin Radio
  • Sunday and Wednesday 6AM UK on CBC Radio via VIP Lounge

Pop Top Shop

Latest show, May 15 2020