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Dennis R Sumlin is a numerologist and a Law Of Attraction (LOA) specialist, with a focus on confidence, relationships and intimacy. Using the vibrations present on your birthday, Dennis assists you in building self-esteem, finding compatible partners and having a fulfilling sex life. Dennis has a Life Coach certification from Erickson College International, and has been working with numerology, astrology, and the metaphysical sciences for over 20 years. He founded Core Confidence Life, the business name for his practice and the name of his podcast.

From an early age, Dennis was aware of the dynamics of energy and vibration but did not know how it worked. He noticed how certain things he would say or think seamed to manifest in his reality. Most of us have this happen but many rarely think much of it and dismiss it as a coincidence. He started to get further into the idea of energy and spirit power after coming across astrology, and very soon after, numerology.

Coaching Programs

Through his main program Authentic Master Program (AMP), Dennis, using the client’s birthday info, helps them understand their unique potential, puts them on the road to increased confidence and helps them unlock their natural attraction and manifestation abilities.


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Suggested questions for interviews

  • What is numerology?
  • What is astrology?
  • What is the concept of higher consciousness?
  • Talk more about manifestation and universal vibrations.
  • What is confidence and how do we get it?
  • What is a healthy relationship?
  • What is healthy sexuality?
  • Are there any other metaphysical practices/skills you do/have?
  • What happens during an intro call?
  • Tell us more about your background.
  • What do you say to those that do not believe in anything spiritual/metaphysical?
  • Who do you highlight in your podcasts?


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From the streets to speaker

Sexual health and well being

Disabled triathlon star


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