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Dennis R Sumlin is a coach and teacher, and the founder of Core Confidence Life, a service that helps people develop their confidence, public speaking and leadership abilities. He has worked with college ready teens, fortune 100 employees, public office candidates, entrepreneurs and more.

Dennis has had a passion for speaking, acting and entertaining since the age of 11. He instinctively understood the power of communication and started taking vocal training and acting instruction as a teen. Dennis has both a Life Coach certification from Erickson College International and a Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) certification from Toastmasters Speaking and Leadership International. He also hosts the Core Confidence Life Podcast, a weekly program highlighting people who overcame inner challenges.

Coaching Programs

Through his 2 main programs Authentic Man Program (AMP) and Authentic Master Program for Speakers (AMPS), Dennis brings out a person’s best qualities and sets them up for personal success.


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Suggested questions for interviews

  • What does Core Confidence mean?
  • Are some people born with more confidence than others, and if so, how do the rest of us gain it?
  • What is the concept of higher consciousness?
  • Talk more about manifestation.
  • What will people gain after taking your confidence course?
  • How importent is public speaking and what can it do for a person?
  • What are the main skills you need to be a speaker?
  • How should a speech be given?
  • What do people gain after taking your speaking course?
  • Who do you highlight in your podcasts?
  • What is a leader?
  • Tell us more about your background.


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