Core Confidence Services

Core Confidence Life provides services to help you lean into your best self in the areas of communication,relationships, sex and self-image.

CCL also provides other services and classes that compliment your life in these areas.

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Main programs!

The Authentic Man Program (AMP)

Build effective communication skills, attract fulfilling relationships and sex, all while gaining a solid self-confidence

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AMP Your Speaking

Go from a quiet whisperer to a confident communicator with this program. If you are ready to build the skills for public speaking, or you want to learn podcasting and other methods of broadcast, this course is for you.

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Online Classes

Atend classes online! Courses on confidence, relationships, sex and related topics, as well as webnars and other online events!

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Conversational English Communication

If English is your second language, and you want to feel more confident in communicating with native speakers, this course is for you! Improve personal and professional success by fully understanding the world of American English.

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