The Signs Of Life Astrology Course

astrology: Divination that consists of interpreting the influence of stars and planets on earthly affairs and human destinies.

In ancient times Astrology was inseparable from astronomy. It originated in Mesopotamia (c. 3rd millennium BC) and spread to India, but it developed its Western form in Greek civilization during the Hellenistic period. Astrology entered Islamic culture as part of the Greek tradition and was returned to European culture through Arabic learning during the Middle Ages.

In modern times, many people look to Astrology as a guide and a resource. In this course you will learn the art of Astrology. While there are many different forms and styles of Astrology, this course will mainly draw from traditional western Tropical Hellenistic methodology mixed with modern views and techniques.

Signs Of Life

Level 1

April 26 2023

The Planets of life

In this level we will learn the roll of the planets, nodes, and aspects of the birthchart. We will understand the events and psychology of each placement.

Level 2

June 27 2023

Signs and Houses: The sections of life

In this level we will dive deep into the houses, what they mean and how they function.

Level 3

Nov 2023/Current

Current level price: $320

The signs of life

In this level we will review each sign and look at the subsections and subrulers for each of them.

Level 4

Weaving the story

We will look at full charts and learn how to blend all the parts of the chart together.


Current level price: $320

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Numerology classes/course
December 1, 2022

I've always wanted to dig deeper into numbers. After my second divorce, I needed to align myself with the perfect fit for me. I knew these classes would open
my eyes to learn more about myself and my future mate.

The classes are OUTSTANDING... I'm so overwhelmed taking these Numerology Classes, learning so much about my pass life, my Life Path, Achievement number, and putting them all together has me in shock. Dennis breaks it down so simply and makes it make sense and you can apply it to your life, and share with others. This class
is truly life changing for me, and I know I can speak for the others in the class too.

Dennis's teaching is amazing, and I will always take his classes. I am so excited for our next class.

I gained so much. Examples: so much about myself, the decisions in life, even those rough days and months and years with the numbers it truly made so much sense. I have the key ingredients now to WIN for the rest of my life, and even assist and share with my kids for their life path.

I highly recommend all services from Dennis, OUTSTANDING teacher. Dennis is patient, and a great listener and full of great information that could help
anyone. You will finish your service feeling good with good information to apply to your life that will help you.

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