Silent heroes, Examples of people and their everyday miracles coming to life

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On this interview we speak to Dr. Lucie Marlo for a storybook session. Her book: Life is Now, is a collection of stories of people of all ages who have overcome major challenges in life, and have lessons to teach. We will hear about a 12 year old boy with Leukemia who understands the beauty of life, a 77 year old man who gets his blackbelt, and a man who funds a children’s hospital thanks to blueberries. Proceeds from the book will partly go to help children in Montenegro.

The book helps a Charity for children in Montenegro

Dr. Lucie Marlo:

My Father who passed away on December 25th/2015 was an established artist from Montenegro. Although fluent in seven languages, a published author and a long standing teaching career, art remained his passion. Children and art are the loves we shared most. I am so grateful to live my passion and make a difference in any way in the lives of these amazing children.

Many people have never heard of Montenegro and it’s one and only orphanage. Montenegro is a small country that emerged from the most recent wars in the Balkans. Over 2000 children have called the orphanage home since its opening in 1946. It currently houses 160 children from infants to teenagers. Pamela Anderson generously donated $10,000 when she visited a few years back but the need continues to outpace funding.

In addition to providing a safe place, the orphanage is spearheading the development of important programs like a 24 hours emergency kid help phone line, the only one in the country.

Other urgent needs are the development and implementation of programs for children with developmental disabilities, therapy and counselling for children who have endured severe abuse or neglect, and housing for teens who have aged out of the home (at 18 years of age) and have nowhere to go. They can become easy prey for traffickers and drug dealers. Funds are badly needed to hire qualified staff for those initiatives as well as support day to day operations.

In part the proceeds from my book will go to making Christmas more special for these wonderful kids for years to come. I have not forgotten where I came from and the incredible sacrifices my parents made for us to be in North America.

Guest: Author: Dr. Lucie Marlo

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