Time to launch your Podcast!

In the on demand world we live in, people want to listen to information when they want. A podcast is just the thing to do it. If you have an area of expertise or cause that you care deeply about, start a podcast!

Over 103 million people listen to podcasts weekly, and your voice can be the go to voice in your field! If you never had a podcast, or you want to improve the one you have, talk to us!

We will help you polish and communicate your message, set you up, and provide editing for your show so all you have to do is speak. We will help you feel comfortable and confident, so you can focus on adding value to others.

Our experts in sound editing, public speaking/communication and outreach will make sure your show is one of the best in your field!

Tanisha Smith of The T.Smith Experience

I was motivated to find someone who was both passionate about helping others as well as someone who was patient enough to teach me how to start my Podcast.
I am a full time employee, and I own my own business so I knew my time was limited but I still wanted to create time to do what I was passionate about
and that was starting and running a Podcast.

During the sessions, Dennis has been patient and he provides insights into what I should do step by step to run my shows. He listens
to what I say and provides thoughtful feedback.

Some of the many benefits I’ve gained so far from having weekly sessions with Dennis was having someone to hold me accountable. I set goals with Dennis
weekly and I he follows up on the goals which was needed with my busy schedule. I’ve learned so much about starting and promoting a podcast but also how
to engage with my audience from Dennis.

I would recommend the service to others who are looking for not just someone who is technically savvy but someone who needs a coach and mentor. Dennis
style has been to let me lead and guides me to making decisions which is an approach I enjoy.

Tanisha Smith HR Professional Podcast editing and coaching September 30, 2019

More people listen to podcasts than watch Sunday night football. This is a prime way to reach the people who need somebody like you!

Average Podcast Listenership Statistics

Podcast Statistics Infographic by MusicOomph.com

Infographic by: MusicOomph.com

Basic details

We will not only edit your podcast, we will work with you to continue to develop new ideas, expand your reach, and monetize your message.

  • Podcast editing: $50 per show
  • Weekly or biweekly Mastermind sessions: $60 per session
    • We also have a promotion program to help you get your show in people’s ears! Ask about more details during our consultation call!

We will be as hands on as you want us to be!

Reach out and speak to us!

Start the groundbreaking for your podcast today! We are excited to help move you into the amazing world of podcasting!

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