Authentic Master Program For Speakers

AMP Your Public Speaking!

You know that good communication helps advance your career as well as enhance your reputation as an expert in your field. Even so, you still may be nervous about speaking to a crowd.

You are not alone. Close to 75% of people have a fear of public speaking, but you can override that! Gain more listeners, more clients and more money by boosting your communication skills. Audiences respond well to a strong confident communicator.


We will have a 30 minute free strategy session to get to know each other and highlight major challenge areas and end goals for you.

The course is 12 weeks. Each session is 60 minutes weekly. The sessions are online through Zoom, a conferencing service.


Part 1. Finding your voice.

After this part of the course you will be able to effectively deal with any anxiety while using your voice to its full potential. You will understand who your message is for and how to speak to them, and how to think on your feet. You will know how to write a speech and boost your confidence.

Part 2. Take the stage.

You will learn the basics of stage presents, props, and practice. You will feel comfortable on stage or on video. You will know how to keep the audience engaged with your message, and how to handle QA sessions.

Part 3. Leading The Pack.

After this part you will develop deeper story telling abilities, further your confidence, and give a speech on FB live.

Other material

Along with the 12 week course, you will get…

Total investment: 1500

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Group Classes

If you enjoy the group dynamic, you can take the same course along side fellow speakers.

Brandon Walker

I met Dennis through our Local Toastmasters club where he served as the president. Any time Dennis delivered a speech, he astonished the crowd with his command of the room and captivating delivery.

Admiring his speech delivery prompted me to ask Dennis for his coaching services. As the Chief of Staff at a Fortune 50 company, I often time find myself having to communicate messages in front of large groups of team members and looked to Dennis to help me become a more effective communicator.

Our sessions were always enjoyable as Dennis does a great job with not only delivering advice on areas where you want to grow, but offering opportunities of growth you may have not realized needed attention. His personable and fun demeanor also makes the sessions up beat. I was able to achieve becoming a better speaker through his specific advice on tone variation and intentional movement during your speech. His advice also helped me with building confidence in being a better speaker.

Dennis comes highly recommended and I believe his services can help not only beginners, but the most experienced speakers looking to sharpen their skills.

Brandon Walker Health Care Communication Coaching January 2, 2017

Communication manager
May 15, 2016

As someone motivated to help improve my community, my mayoral campaign ushered me into a whirlwind of facts, finance, and frustrations. These challenges seemed insurmountable, but weekly coaching sessions, coupled with belief and confidence from Dennis Sumlin, my communication and campaign manager, prevented me from focusing on the opposition.

Weekly, we would virtually meet to discuss platform effectiveness, set goals aimed at maximizing communication and all areas of campaign strategy, and reviewed weekly campaign accomplishments. I began receiving vital pieces of knowledge from the start.

As a grassroots campaign manager, Mr. Sumlin provided me an excellent service, but exceeded expectations by listening to my concerns, and becoming truly invested in my cause. For these reasons and many others are why I proudly recommend Mr. Sumlin to anyone needing a qualified man as a Strategy Coach or to manage a grassroots campaign.