8 Ways To Reclaim Your Confidence

Confidence is the key that opens doors to your own potential. Even some of the more confident among us can suffer a blow from time to time. The quick course below will give you steps and solutions to help you bounce back and renew your confidence.

Watch the video below, take out something to write on, and answer the bullet point questions. This will help you look within and power up your confidence.

Challenge questions

  • Do What Makes You Uncomfortable: When was the last time you did something that stretched you?
  • Find Your Purpose: What is something that comes natural to you?
  • Keep Trying: What is one thing that you succeeded in that took more than one try?
  • Learn Things: What’s the last cool thing you learned?
  • Drop the Idea Things Have to be Perfect: When was the last thing you did not show to the public because you did not think it was perfect? How would it feel to show it anyway?
  • Dress for Success: What is your favorite outfit and how does it make you feel?
  • Trust Yourself: When was the last time your instincts were right about something?
  • Look Forward: What is a top goal for you this month?

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Author: Core Confidence Lifestyle

The mission of Core Confidence Life is to inspire, inform and support you in understanding your natural talents. We aim to create a world of people who are aware of the laws of energy and vibration so that they can become empowered to shape their own life