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Core Confidence Life is a coaching and educational service that is dedicated to the personal development and advancement of highly motivated, growth minded and independent thinking individuals. We seek to bring people to a higher state of consciousness and lower stress, so they can actualize the potential of their mind, body, and spirit.

Core Confidence Personal Development Podcast

The Core Confidence Life Podcast is a 40-60 weekly show with a male angle. It is available on most podcast outlets such as Apple, TuneIn, Stitcher, as well as YouTube and internet radio.

The show is most often heard in the US, India, Canada, The UK and The Philippines with 2000 streams and downloads per month. Advertising on this show will connect you to men under 40, entrepreneurs and self improvement enthusiasts. Advertising with this show will also include the Core Confidence Life website.

We favor products and services that have a self development value, E.G. Personal Development books, men’s products, self help podcasts and other products and services geared to men. Your AD will run at or near the start of a show.

  • $25 Per Month

The Pop Top Music Program

The Pop Top Music Program is a 60 minute pop music show. We play top ten pop music hits ranging from 1890 to the present. The show is based on The Billboard hot 100, and its predecessors. Each show is based on a particular theme such as songs with a number in the title.

The show is heard most in the US, UK and Canada. It is currently on 3 different internet stations as well as archives. Advertising on this show will connect you to a general cross section of listeners and will give your product wide reach.

  • $25 per month

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