Astro Human Design Tag Team Reading

Time to get Tag Teamed!

Coach Elaine + Coach Dennis collaborate to bring you a LIVE double team reading, in your own ZOOM room, so you get a 3 system analysis in 1 session.

It covers your Basic Quantum Human Design ™️ chart, Major Natal Astrology placements & a Numerology analysis.

The synergy of this dynamic duo will bring to life your unique Aura Type, Strategy, Inner Authority, & Profile lines with Quantum Human Design ™️.

Your Numerology analysis will comprise of your life path and elements of your birthday.

Lastly, Astrology brings in your Sun, Moon, Rising, and will tie it all together with the placements of your nodes.

This exciting, insightful deep dive reading will be just what you needed to bring more clarity and focus to your life.

You can check out some sample readings so you can see what its like.

Reading + Membership

Along with the in depth reading you will get a 3 month free membership to Core Confidence Life. As a member, you will have access to exclusive classes, books, extra discount readings and more. If you practice your own metaphysical arts, the membership will provide a promotional platform to bring you into contact with a wider range of people.

Sign up

This amazing 1 hour 30 minute Tag Team reading is a $250.00 USD investment.

After the 3 month trial membership, you will be billed $18 per month.

You can sign up below, after that you will be able to pick the best time for you and send your full birthday to Coach Elaine and Coach Dennis.

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