Confirmed spiritual path

Ra Amen Nu Jah Baddal

Confirmed spiritual path

I have been using and studying the cardology esoteric tool for 4 years now and although it has given me a foundation in numerology I thought it best to
tap in with Dennis to refine my knowledge of the numbers a bit more.

My first reading with Dennis confirmed a lot of things for me. My primary spiritual and esoteric resource has always been Ifá. And what ever Ifá tells
me I will apply it into my life no matter what. I also enjoy learning about other modalities however when I seek counsel from an astrologer or numerologist
I only resonate with the messages that reflect the words of Ifá and my ancestors. When I sought Dennis’ counsel, he used numerology as a medium and I discovered
that his message confirmed Ifá’s guidance for me and he was able to give further thought and insight. The sessions, classes, membership help add to that.

I would highly, Absolutely recommend these services.

Ra Amen Nu Jah Baddal Numerology readings and classes

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