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April 24, 2019
Michael Eagle
Speaker and Musician

I had recently decided to pursue a public speaking career as a new direction in my life as an educator. In reaching out to local professionals and amidst many automated email responses, Dennis reached-out personally with a sincere interest in assisting in my development. He was the perfect voice and perspective for me both then and now.

The sessions were outstanding. Dennis is an inspiring individual with a ton of knowledge and a huge heart. The world would be a better place with more like him, and I am so glad that his work is aimed at just that.

I gained confidence, assurance, specific direction for improvement, a trained and experienced ear for feedback, and knowing that there is an amazing person doing amazing things for others.

If you are looking to improve your public speaking skills for any reason, Dennis is your man. If you are looking for an inspirational figure to give you confidence in your chosen pursuit, Dennis can surely assist.

November 1, 2019
Tanisha Smith
Host of the T-Smith Experience

I was motivated to find someone who was both passionate about helping others as well as someone who was patient enough to teach me how to start my Podcast.
I am a full time employee, and I own my own business so I knew my time was limited but I still wanted to create time to do what I was passionate about
and that was starting and running a Podcast.

during the sessions, Dennis has been patient and he provides insights into what I should do step by step to run my shows. He listens
to what I say and provides thoughtful feedback.

Some of the many benefits I've gained so far from having weekly sessions with Dennis was having someone to hold me accountable. I set goals with Dennis
weekly and I he follows up on the goals which was needed with my busy schedule. I've learned so much about starting and promoting a podcast but also how
to engage with my audience from Dennis.

I would recommend the service to others who are looking for not just someone who is technically savvy but someone who needs a coach and mentor. Dennis
style has been to let me lead and guides me to making decisions which is an approach I enjoy.

March 3, 2020
Brandon Walker

I met Dennis through our Harlem Toastmasters club where he served as the president. Any time Dennis delivered a speech, he astonished the crowd with his command of the room and captivating delivery. Admiring his speech delivery prompted me to ask Dennis for his coaching services.

As the Chief of Staff at a Fortune 50 company, I often time find myself having to communicate messages in front of large groups of team members and looked to Dennis to help me become a more effective communicator.

Our sessions were always enjoyable as Dennis does a great job with not only delivering advice on areas where you want to grow, but offering opportunities of growth you may have not realized needed attention. His personable and fun demeanor also makes the sessions up beat. I was able to achieve becoming a better speaker through his specific advice on tone variation and intentional movement during your speech. His advice also helped me with building confidence in being a better speaker.

Dennis comes highly recommended and I believe his services can help not only beginners, but the most experienced speakers looking to sharpen their skills.

March 19, 2022
Pablo Betancourt

I was curious about astrology and wanted to know myself from an astrological aspect, a general overview about what was happening and what things looked like for me. I liked it and learned a lot about myself. I was amazed how accurate it was.

I got closer to spirituality and gained more awareness of my current situation. I also gained more tools that can guide me and help me towards my goals. I think other people can benefit from having their charts read from Dennis

March 25, 2022
David DAngelo

I was curious to know more about my chart and how it affected my everyday life and in my professional career. I had questions that I’ve been searching
for for a long time and I felt that by taking this route and hiring Dennis it would bring me a few steps forward to understand more about myself, my past
and my future.


The sessions were great!! I couldn’t recommend a better person than Dennis!! He’s a very gifted and experienced astrologer to talk to and is very knowledgeable
about many subjects outside of astrology such as numerology and human design.


I’ve learned so much from Dennis during our sessions. I plan to start reading charts myself and he’s guided me through the process of understanding
the fundamentals and basics to more advanced concepts. Apart from this, he is an excellent speaker and explains things very well and takes the time to
go in depth through every question. I can tell he puts in a lot of time and effort and is passionate about his work.


Dennis is very patient and does an excellent job at his readings!! I couldn’t think of anyone else to go to if I have questions!!

November 20, 2022

My brother who adores Dennis recommended me to him. Been learning Numerology for 3 + years. My guess is, he thought I could use a guru.

Each experience was amazing. I was allowed to open up in ways I never thought were imaginable with individuals I do not know. The class was receptive to my and others curiosity. So ready for the next class!

One of the benefits I gained is more knowledge and wisdom. Was quite intrigued at how many individuals were just as excited about numbers as I am. I obtained
a better sense of self and numbers. Thank you Dennis for empowering me.

I do recommend these classes to others.

December 1, 2022
Bridget Kittles

I've always wanted to dig deeper into numbers. After my second divorce, I needed to align myself with the perfect fit for me. I knew these classes would open
my eyes to learn more about myself and my future mate.

The classes are OUTSTANDING... I'm so overwhelmed taking these Numerology Classes, learning so much about my pass life, my Life Path, Achievement number, and putting them all together has me in shock. Dennis breaks it down so simply and makes it make sense and you can apply it to your life, and share with others. This class
is truly life changing for me, and I know I can speak for the others in the class too.

Dennis's teaching is amazing, and I will always take his classes. I am so excited for our next class.

I gained so much. Examples: so much about myself, the decisions in life, even those rough days and months and years with the numbers it truly made so much sense. I have the key ingredients now to WIN for the rest of my life, and even assist and share with my kids for their life path.

I highly recommend all services from Dennis, OUTSTANDING teacher. Dennis is patient, and a great listener and full of great information that could help
anyone. You will finish your service feeling good with good information to apply to your life that will help you.

December 13, 2022

I join Core Confidence life after listening to Dennis on Clubhouse for several months. I really enjoy his interactive teaching style. It is rare that you can find an instructor who knows how to keep the attention of adults. Dennis has given life altering information with his in depth break down of the numbers and their importance in your life. The single best investment you can make for yourself is a membership and reading with Dennis!!!

The sessions with Dennis was life changing. The information he gives shines a light on how you process yourself and how the collective processes you. Dennis stands firm in his readings and gives you both sides of your numerological personality. I have much respect for him doing it unapologetically.

I have gained insight on the best way to proceed with achieving my soul's purpose. I look forward to my continued numerology growth with my membership with
Core Confidence Life.

Run don't walk to your nearest internet cafe and start your Core Confidence Life membership Today!

August 2, 2023
Ra Amen Nu Jah Baddal

I have been using and studying the cardology esoteric tool for 4 years now and although it has given me a foundation in numerology I thought it best to
tap in with Dennis to refine my knowledge of the numbers a bit more.

My first reading with Dennis confirmed a lot of things for me. My primary spiritual and esoteric resource has always been Ifá. And what ever Ifá tells
me I will apply it into my life no matter what. I also enjoy learning about other modalities however when I seek counsel from an astrologer or numerologist
I only resonate with the messages that reflect the words of Ifá and my ancestors. When I sought Dennis’ counsel, he used numerology as a medium and I discovered
that his message confirmed Ifá’s guidance for me and he was able to give further thought and insight. The sessions, classes, membership help add to that.

I would highly, Absolutely recommend these services.

November 12, 2023
Lorenzo Jones

I've always had an interest in astrology, and wanted to know how the Celestial bodies impacted our very existence. I wanted to know how astrology could
show me my spiritual gifts and how to better utilize them.

Dennis is a people's type a teacher. He knows how to take these modalities and place them into your everyday occurrences. If you've had an off day, he
can look at your number or planetary alignment for the day and show you how the energy affected you.

Working with Dennis has taught me not only how the energy of astrology works, but how impactful numerology is and how the interplay between the two modalities
provide insight to our lives

I definitely encourage anyone seeking insight, and/or education into astrology and/or numerology to sign up for a class or reading.

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