The 2 words that help to define the self

Out of all the words in the English language, no other two words have such a declarative power. These two words define how we think of ourselves, and what we tell others to think about us. What are those two words? The words “I Am”. Yes, that’s right, two of the shortest words run what’s in our minds.


The word “I” is powerful. It represents our individuality, our sense of self, and our identity. When we say “I,” we are asserting our existence, our desires, and our perspectives. It is a word that carries immense weight and significance in shaping our thoughts and influencing our actions.

“I” allows us to take ownership of our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It empowers us to express our beliefs, share our opinions, and make decisions based on our own judgments. When we say “I,” we assert our autonomy and take responsibility for our choices, whether they are positive or negative.

Moreover, the word “I” can be a reflection of our self-esteem and self-worth. How we perceive ourselves can greatly impact our thoughts and actions. When we have a strong and positive self-image, the word “I” becomes a catalyst for confidence, ambition, and self-belief. Conversely, a negative self-perception can limit our potential and hinder our ability to think optimistically.


The word “Am” is equally significant in shaping our thoughts. It denotes existence, state, or condition. When we say “Am,” we define ourselves in the present moment. It is a statement of being, affirming our current reality.
“Am” acts as a powerful affirmation, influencing our mindset and influencing how we perceive ourselves. The choices we make after the word “Am” reflect our self-concept, aspirations, and beliefs. It shapes our thoughts, attitude, and behaviors, and becomes the foundation for personal growth and development.

The Combo

The combination of “I” and “Am” is a declaration of self-awareness and self-acceptance. It is a reminder of our ability to shape our thoughts and create our reality. By consciously choosing the words that follow “I Am,” we can set intentions, affirm our strengths, and overcome self-limiting beliefs.

It is crucial to be mindful of how we use these two words. The thoughts that follow “I Am” can have a profound impact on our self-perception, mindset, and overall well-being. By choosing positive and empowering words, we can cultivate a growth mindset, enhance our self-confidence, and unlock our full potential.

The words “I Am” hold immense power over how we think. They define our sense of self, shape our thoughts and actions, and influence our overall mindset. By harnessing the potential of these two words, we can cultivate a positive self-image, embrace personal growth, and lead a fulfilling life. So, remember to choose your words wisely, for they have the power to transform your thinking and shape your reality.

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