The 5 Secrets to your spiritual path on earth

Before you are born, you sit down with your spiritual guides (for approximately 2 years Earth time) and together you decide what lessons you need to master during this lifetime, what negative karma you need to balance, and what personality traits you will possess during this lifetime to help you to achieve your life lessons. This forms the basis of what is known as your Soul Life Blueprint.

It is over the course of hundreds of lives that you choose to master higher qualities of love, forgiveness, unconditional love, tolerance, acceptance, compassion, empathy, wisdom, and many, many more. Throughout our lives we incur karma (or negative debt) through wrong action. This must be repaid over the course of our lifetimes, and every lesson mastered, before we can free ourselves from the Earth plane, never to return.

80% of the negative energy you feel inside is residual negative energy from a past life or past lives. It is through the process of rebirth or reincarnation that you seek to release this negative energy that you carry inside of you. This negative energy resides in your body’s cell memory and subconscious mind.

You choose the circumstances that will provide you with the opportunities to learn your life lessons and to repay your karmic debt.

The following may be hard for somebody to understand or accept, but think about things more on the spiritual journey rather than the ups and downs of your current life on earth.

1. You choose your parents.

Choosing the right parents is important for the soul to achieve many of its life lessons, and each soul will choose parents that will challenge or teach it in someway. Sometimes it is necessary to choose a harsh or critical parent, who will challenge your internal power. You may not have stepped into your own power and need a dominant force to cause rebellion within your being, to awaken you. It may be that you chose a critical parent as a challenge to test your own self-love and acceptance of yourself. It may even be that you chose a critical parent because you yourself were highly critical of others in a past lifetime and this time you need to experience the injustice of being unfairly criticised and bullied for yourself, as well as repay the karmic debt you have incurred.

2. You choose your personality, your name and your date and time of birth.

Choosing your personality, your name and your date and time of birth is a precise action of your soul. Your soul can be seen through Astrology, Numerology, and related systems. These planetary and numerical forces govern your personality, the way you act, and your internal desires and drives, so it is critical that your soul be born at the precise moment in time, so that you end up with the personality that your soul has chosen to learn its life lessons. Because your name, and your date and time of birth reflect your entire astrological make-up precisely, those trained in the fields of decoding astrology and numerology charts are able to provide you with an accurate and clear account of your soul purpose, your personality, your inner desires, and your karmic debt, etc. You may be wondering how it is that you choose your own name. The answer to this is simple. You psychically implant your full name into the minds of your parents who believe they have chosen your name for you.

3. You choose what negative events and trauma you will encounter.

In order to learn your life lessons and become stronger, you need to test yourself and overcome obstacles and often very difficult challenges that you have chosen for yourself before you were born. Hmm, you are saying, but what about free will? If we have predestined our life, what free will do we have? It is true that you have free will when you live on the Earth plane. Before you are born, you choose the many, many different variables or directions that your life could go in. And there are thousands! Your life is like a choose-your-own-adventure novel that you have chosen for yourself before birth. Together with your spiritual guides, you choose all of the possible outcomes that will enable you to fulfill your soul purpose.

4. You choose the negative people who will come into your life.

Every person who you encounter on your life-path is your teacher, and reveals to you what you still have yet to master. Especially those who are negative! The very thing you hate most in your enemies, those you hate or cannot stand, is usually the thing you refuse to see or recognize within yourself! These souls act as mirrors for you, and are very important beings for your growth and learning. Your enemies are usually your best or closest friends in the spiritual dimensions, and agree to challenge you on the Earth plane to help you achieve your life lessons.

5. You choose the time you will be awakened spiritually.

You give yourself a period of time to awaken spiritually on your own, without any help from spirit. Some choose to awaken later in life, others quite early. Before you are born you request from your Spiritual Master, that if you have not awoken to your spiritual path by the time you have set yourself, that everything that you hold close and dear is to be taken from you, so that you may deeply reflect on your life and what is important to you. This may include losing your spouse, your car, your house, your job, your reputation, your money, your security, your health, whatever is necessary for you to see what is really important to you in your life.

Discovering your Soul Life Blueprint.

Each soul has encoded in its full name and date of birth its Soul Life Blueprint, which reveals specific lessons it is seeking to master in this lifetime, what karma it is seeking to repay, the purpose of its soul this time around, and the personality type it has chosen to accomplish each of these. Understanding this important information is The Secret to Spiritual Success. Your Soul Life Blueprint will help you to awaken to your spiritual path, and is an important road-map for those already awakened to mastering their life lessons. You will begin to see why you have attracted certain types of people into your life. You will begin to see why you act in a certain way, and what negative behaviors you are here to overcome. You will begin to see how negative actions in previous lives (karma) is still affecting you in this lifetime, and what you can do to correct this and turn your life around. You will begin to see why you have particular interests and desires, and what fears hold you back in your life.

Your Soul Life Blueprint will show you how you can implement new strategies specific to you to help you master your life lessons; it will show you what internal psychological stress patterns you can expect from your personality during this lifetime; and it will show you how to work through these internal stress patterns, how to bring harmony back into your life, and how to find peace within.

If you want an in depth Numerology reading to better understand your soul’s journey, book a time to chat about it.

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