The 9 centers in your human design chart

In Human Design, there are nine centers in your bodygraph. These centers align with the 7 chakras plus two more. Each of these centers can be “defined”, indicated by the area being colored in, and “open/undefined”, indicated by the area being white.

Defined centers are a consistent supply of energy in that area. Open centers take in energy from others/the environment. The thing with open centers is that your energy is mixing with the energy coming from others, so it may be hard to tell which is your energy and which is somebody elses. For example, if you have an open head center, your thoughts and inspirations are mixed with others, so you need to be able to develop the ability to tell the difference between you and what’s not you. The self and the “not self”.

Defined centers put out the energy 24 hours a day, like a never ending motor. For example, a defined sacral has unending fuel for what lights it up.

Below are the nine centers, what they do, where on the bodygraph it is, and the “not self” warnings or “not self keynotes”.

The 9 Centers of the bodygraph

Human Design Bodygraph
Sample Bodygraph

HEAD CENTER – top triangle
Classification: Pressure center
Function: Inspiration, thoughts and questions.
Not self/Open: Thinking about things that don’t matter.

AJNA CENTER – next triangle down
Classification: Awareness center
Function: Concepts, thinking and answers.
Not self/Open: Pretending to be certain.

THROAT CENTER – top square (at throat level, just below Ajna)
Classification: Manifestation
Function: Communication
Not self/Open: Trying to attract attention.

IDENTITY/G CENTER – diamond shape in middle of chart
Function: Love, direction, identity.
Not self/Open: Fixated on finding love and direction.

WILL CENTER – small triangle below-right of Identity Center (also called Heart or Ego Center)
Classification: Motor.
Function: Will power, self-worth, self-esteem.
Not self/Open: Feeling unworthy and undervalued.

SOLAR PLEXUS CENTER – lower right triangle (as YOU view it)
Classification: Awareness center. Motor.
Function: Emotions
Not self/Open: Avoiding confrontation and truth.

SACRAL CENTER – square below diamond-shaped Identity Center
Classification: Motor.
Function: Work force, and life force energy. Reproduction
Not self/Open: Not knowing when enough is enough.

SPLEEN CENTER – lower left triangle (as YOU view it)
Classification: Awareness center
Function: Intuition and instinct
Not self/Open: Holding on to what isn’t good for you.

ROOT CENTER – bottom square
Classification: Pressure center. Motor.
Function: Pressure and initiation.
Not self/Open: Always in a hurry to be free of the pressure.

As you can see, with an open sacral, you may not know when to slow down. Risk of burnout. With a defined head, you can be fixed in your thinking, but with an open head, you are taking in thoughts from others. This is just an overview. In another article we will look at the 4 types and the 7 athoritys and much more. Once you gain a good understanding of the centers, you are one step closer to living your human design.

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