The Ascendant, Your face to the world

The rising or ascendant sign is so-called because it denotes which sign is on the horizon at the time of birth. This is why astrology requires a precise birth time rather than an estimate to create an accuret natal chart.

the rising sign (or ascendant) is both your outlook on the world and the first impression you give to others at a first meeting or other situations that you are entering for the first time. At Job interviews, parties or other events people will perceive you as your rising sign. As they get to know you better, they come to see the rest of your chart. This can happen at different paces depending on the relationship.

Once you have your time of birth, you can download apps like Costar and TimePassages. You can also get your birth chart at Astro-Chart, which is one of many sites that will calculate for free.

1st house/Ascendant


With Aries as the ascendant, you can be seen as upbeat, exciting, and full of energy. You come across in a straightforward manor, and your power is unmistakable. You never seem to stay in one place. You keep moving because you have lots of energy that must be released. You approach new situations with optimism, always keeping your mind open. Your honesty can be taken for tactlessness, as you say what is on your mind, but you do not always think about how it can come across.


You come across as an easy-going laid-back kind of person. You come across as calm but yet strong and comfortable with who you are. When presented with new things, you take your time and consider the situation, being careful and cashus. You are polite and treat people with respect. You love simple beauty, and thus you may have a good eye for art, or just seeing the beauty in people in general. If you feel as if you are being attacked, you will defend yourself with strong and unwavering force.


This ascendant allows people to see a very mentally active person. You always seem to be talking and or moving. Your quick mind is front and center, so you will be moving from one topic to another. Being social seems to come easy to people with this ascendant, as they approach new situations with an open analytical and active mind. They enjoy being around people, and always seem to be able to get to know new ones with ease. They could appear to be a little unstable at times because they never seem to run out of energy.


These natives come across as warm, laid back and positive. With this sign on the rise, you can be very friendly, but sometimes quiet and a little shy. Sometimes, you can come off as moody, but that usually does not last long. Once you feel comfortable, then you can jump right in and laugh and talk like everybody else. You can make people feel at home with your calming reseptive ways. When you enter a new situation, you can feel out the people or things around you, and understand the emotions of the situation, and then decide if you want to deal with it or not.


This is a sign that radiates power and leadership. People cannot help but to take notice of you. You always seem to be in the spotlight, even if you do not want to be. You appear to take control in any social situation that you are in. It comes so naturally, that you may not notice it all the time. You come off as upbeat and happy, and you can have a way of drawing people in. At times, you could lose your temper, but this kind of thing does not usually last long. When you are around new people, you great them with openness, and it is easy for you to make friends.


With the analytical sign of Virgo out front, you are very observant. When you meet new people or situations, you are quiet and reserved. You take in everything around you and break it down. You analyze every word, tone, and move. If you decide that this is where you want to be, you will let down your guard a bit and open, but you still never stop watching, and breaking things down. People see you as polite, reserved, and proper. You are usually never rude, and you try not to offend people. At times, you could appear as judgmental and discriminating. This is to make sure that you do not end up in uncomfortable or unnecessary situations.


You come across with stile and grace. When the sign of the scales is out front, you can come across as kind, friendly and charming. You know how to talk to people in a way that makes them feel comfortable. You are not confrontational, in fact, you know how to defuse a negative situation. When you come across new people and things, you are open minded, and you know how to balance everything out to where all sides are satisfied. You attract people to you because there is something beautiful about you, even if you are not saying much. You are not usually rood or impolite.


With the intense sign of Scorpio on the rise, it gives the native great abilities of perception. They can see right through a person to the real person or intention. When they reach a judgement, they are usually correct. They can appear as very tuff and ridged, and sometimes very mysterious. Many people have a hard time figuring out people with this rising. The strength of this sign can be overwhelming for a lot of people, and the tendency for a sharp tung is there.


this sign gives the native the happy-go-lucky appearance. These people approach everything with an open mind. They come across as laid back and fun to be around. It is often extremely easy to get them to laugh, as they have a great sense of humor, and can be very talkative. There are no secrets with this sign as these people are very straight forward, and sometimes can be a little tackless. They know how to have fun, and luck seems to follow them everywhere they go. Due to their nature, many people grow to like them quickly, thus treating them well. While people with this sign on the rise can reach out to many kinds of people, many of these people do not become friends, they are just passing associates.


With the mountain goat on top, you come across as profoundly serious and structured. You conduct yourself very responsible and mature. It can appear that your personality is dry, as you are always talking about something serious, or have a serious tone to your voice. You can analyze people around you and reach judgments and be discriminating. You may show little patients with people who are sillier, lighthearted, or emotional. Many people can grow to admire you, as you come off as very competent and headstrong. You do not seem to let anything stand in your way.


With this sign at the front, you come off as cool and detached. It appears as if nothing bothers you, and you deal with everything with a laid-back casual fashion. You can be very social, and know how to make friends, put you are always sure to have distance from them. Many people can see you as weird, as you stand out in an unusual way. You may show a kooky sense of humor, or express viewpoints that are different from the people around you or from society. You have a humanitarian streak, and you do not have a problem with helping anybody who needs it. Sometimes the stubborn side of this sign shows.


With the fish swimming around in your ascendant, you can be incredibly quiet, and have a dreamy quality to you. You may choose to withdraw from society at times. You can be very shy around people. You are very inquisitive about everything around you, and you are super sensitive when it comes to your surroundings. You seem to have high hopes for people, so it is easy for you to be disappointed. Many people with this sign on the rise seems to ask lots of advice from people, but they rarely take it. While you are polite when dealing with others, you do not like to bring attention to yourself. The Neptune influence gives you a mysteriousness to your personality.

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