The dynamics of working with a life coach

The term “Coaching” is used to describe the process of transporting people from where they are to where they want to be, thus Life Coaching takes people from one point or stage in their life into another. Life coaching combines tools and techniques from fields that are aimed at self-development such as sociology, behavioral science, psychology, and organizational theory. The term “Life Coach” is a broad term and many coaches apply the training to a specific area of expertise. There are coaches in the areas of Health, Sex, Finance, Business/Executive, Dating, Motivation, Performing Arts and so on.

Coaching is a solution focused, action orientated type of discipline. In a coach client relationship, the coach will work with the client to explore beliefs, prospectivse, methods and approaches in order to achieve the clients aims. The coach supports the client in their personal and professional goals and holds the client accountable to the methods that the client has developed. While there may be some work done with a client’s past, any lessons learned from the past would then be applied to the present and future.

The difference between therapy and coaching

While therapy and coaching are in the “helping” fields, there are some clear differences between each one. While both coaching and therapy focus on personal development, therapy helps people explore and heal from past trauma. Childhood trauma, people dealing with addiction, and people in abusive relationships would be things that a therapist would be best able to handle.

While a coach may explore the past, it primarily would be aimed at increasing self-awareness and use the knowledge for a proactive future. People who are ready and able to take action on a goal and want the support and accountability to keep them moving, people who are ready to kick their life to the next level in areas like relationships, career, and life purpose would be the kind of people that would benefit best from a coach. Highly ambitious people who may be stuck, or those who want support as they continue their personal growth are others who may want a coach.

Developing the coaching relationship

As it is in many areas of the helping field, it is important to have a good match between the coach and the client. Every coach is not the best match for every client. Just like every therapist is not the best match for every person. Many coaches have a short assessment process for their clients. The assessment can be in the form of a free coach session or a quick questionnaire. It is important that the coach and the client develop a rapport. This may be established due to a shared background or any commonality. A coaching relationship that supports trust and comfortibility will lead to amazing progress.

Training and Certification

The coaching field has exploded and there are schools all around the world that offer certification. The International Coach Federation (ICF) is one of the dominant accrediting bodies when it comes to coaching. Schools that are accredited by the ICF or other bodies have to meet certain standards. People must go through training, written and other tests and assessments to become certified. Find out more about The ICF here.

A good coach will challenge you, ask you the tough questions, hold you accountable, and support you as you set and achieve your personal goals. They can help you develop plans of action, reexamine beliefs, and center yourself as you become the person you already are.

Your life 2.0

As a coach, I will help you develop your skills as a public speaker and activate your leadership abilities, which will leave you feeling more confident, purpose driven, and productive.

I believe in living a soul sentered lifestyle. This will take your professional as well as your personal life to the next level. When you work with me, you will gain insight into who you are as a person, which will allow you to move your life in the direction you want. Imagine a life of calm, confident happiness.

As somebody that is driven to make a difference in their life as well as the lives of others, you understand that any outer action first starts from the inside. I assist ambitious professionals like you to overcome the everyday challenges that block you from having even more success. When you have the skills to minimize stress, maximize a positive mind-set, and improve your over all self-image, you will see your goals come into sharper focus. Lets talk about your goals, and start you on the road to your life 2.0.

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