The essay of Spirit, Connecting to the highest power.

Spirituality is central to many people’s lives, but what do people mean when they say “Spiritual”? This essay is what I mean.

As you read this essay, think about what spirituality means for you. What roll does it play, and do you respect others sense of spirituality?

The act of Spirituality

The idea of being spiritual is the belief that there is a force that is bigger than oneself. While this force cannot be picked up by the five human senses, it is a force that is felt all around us. We who are spiritual see proof of that incorporeal entity all around. We see it in nature, in the birth of a child, in the weather, through human intuition, and countless other ways.

We as humans are spiritual beings, and the spirit is anchored to the material world through our physical bodies. This means that there is not just one force. All humans have the potential to become conscious of, and channel into the spiritual realm.

This realm cannot be defined by one man made belief system. There is no contest to see witch human created set of rules can trump another. The spiritual realm just is, and we can tap into it if we choose.

Drop the need

When we drop the need to understand things on human terms, when we stop creating winners and losers in the spiritual ballpark and go inward, we can see a big shift. Things like meditation, conscious living, and gratitude can help us focus on the sometimes subtle but ubicquidus power of the spiritual realm.

Believing in something bigger than us gives us a firm ground to stand on, keeps us humble and grateful, and promotes kindness to our fellow man. When we develop our own personal relationship to the spiritual power within us, we become confident, conscious, and calm.

Lack of connection

Without a connection to the spirit, we can become lost, and careless. When we turn the practice of the spirit into a string of dogmatic pronouncements and policies, it causes us to limit our prospective, turns the world into a system of polar opposites at war, creates the perception of haves and have not’s, and divides us along lines that can change based on witch view is the more favored one in a particular region.

The relationship between a person and spirit is unique to each individual, and while everybody has a right to follow the moral/spiritual path that resonates with them, we should respect others personal relationships while staying true to our own road. The road to peace and understanding cannot be reached in a spiritual military tank, but to being open to the power inside of us, and respecting others as we respect ourselves.

The road to peace and understanding cannot be reached in a #spiritual military tank, but to being open to the power inside of us, and respecting others as we #respect ourselves. Share on X

Author Gary Zukav talks about the power of spiritual connection in his book, The Seat of the Soul.

Its a great book to move you into a better understanding of nonreligious spirituality.

Getting in touch

If you seek a deeper connection to the spirit within you, and tipical religious beliefs don’t resonate with you, there is another road. You already have a spirit inside you. Your soul already speaks to you. As somebody who has studied and practiced spirituality, meditation, and alike, I can give you the tools and mind-set to connect with your own spirit power! Unlock the knowledge that your soul already knows!

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