The essay of trust, the sacred investment.

To trust is the reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing. Trust is one of the most sacred of values. When we trust somebody, we are open to them. We are confident that this person will keep our secrets, be respectful with our emotions, and show unwavering loyalty.

It can take a long long time to be able to trust another person. Trust is built over time, through life’s ups and downs. Some people are able to establish unbreakable trust bonds, while others find it difficult to trust anybody.

The dynamics of trust.

When that sacred bond of trust is broken, the connection between the people involved is in great danger. A string of trust violations from multiple people can leave you jaded and feeling lonely. Rebuilding such a bond is hard and in some cases, impossible.

Oh how, how, how can you build trust with another person? How do you go about showing that you can be endowed with that kind of investment?

  • *1. Be Honest. Your word needs to be your bond. You earn trust when nobody can doubt your word.
  • *2. Be reliable. Trust is built when people know that they can rely on each other. Honor your commitments, and walk how you talk.
  • *3. Show respect. Everybody wants to be respected. Don’t run your mouth, pass gossip or become overly judgmental.

Now, here is the burning question. Do you trust yourself?

Yes, as important as it is for you to have somebody who you can trust, it is doubly important for you to trust in yourself. The lack of trust in yourself is a sign of earthquake like consequences. The same honor you give others should be the same honor you give yourself. If trust is important for you, then kick your self-trust game up a few thousand notches.

If you place trust in others but not yourself, are you saying that you are not a person? Are you saying that you are not worthy? Stop it!

Establishing self-trust…

  • *1. Keep promises to yourself. Just like you would keep your word to your brother, girlfriend, or best friend, keep your word to yourself.
  • *2. Don’t be a quitter. Do not give up on yourself. If you fail at something, try again. If you need to learn a skill, learn it! Be there for yourself. Don’t turn your back!
  • *3. Stay self-aware. Learn about who you are. Look at yourself from the outside, and understand what makes you who you are.

There is nothing wrong with being a copycat. All the things that you bless your friends with, mirror it back to yourself. If you can’t even trust yourself, then do you really trust others?

Building self-trust can be hard. Without self-trust, you will have a lack of confidence, you will suck at making choices, you will spend too much time second guessing yourself, and tuns of other hum zingers! If you want to break that back and forth, come and talk to me, so we can see if my program is the right fit for you. Once you trust yourself, its a whole new world! Attract who and what you want just by being yourself!

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