The types, authorities and strategies in human design

Our body graph has a lot of info on it. There are plenty of aspects to your human design chart to look at. Out of all those gates, channels, planets and so on, the most important things about your chart is your type, strategy, and authority. In the human design world you will often here “follow your strategy and authority” as a common statement of advice. This is because following the main purpose of your chart will lead to the most success.

We all have a particular aura type. The invisible energy that either attracts or repels. The aura type goes along with your strategy and authority to create the main system for your personal happiness. There are 4 aura types with the 4 strategies, and 7 authorities. The 7 authorities reflect one of the 9 energy centers. If you are not following, or acting outside of your strategy and authority, you will feel the “not self” effects of your aura type. So, here we go!


Solar Plexus/Emotional Authority

This is the emotion center as well as the solar plexus chakra. This authority wants you to wait out the emotional wave before moving ahead with decisions. If you have this center defined, its automatically your authority, regardless on how many other centers are defined. Expressing your emotions, and allowing them to move through the wave cycle is important. Your emotions will move from bad to good, from up to down, and round and round. This means you will feel your way through things,not think. If you try and jump ahead, you may find out that you make the wrong/or less effective choices.

Sacral Authority

If you have this authority, you are either a generator or manifesting generator. The sacral is the continuous energy for generators and MGs. The sacral hits are immediate and loud. People with this authority should wait until the sacral says yes before starting anything big. Wait to respond to what your sacral says about the different options and choices presented to you, and you will be satisfied!

Splenic Authority

The spleen center is kind of like a mini sacral in a way. It also sends you signals to let you know whether you should move ahead. There are a few differences. First, the spleen center operates on fear. The good/bad axis. The spleen is hear to protect us by keeping away bad things. When you have the spleen running things, you need to tune into the intuitive hit you get. The issue is that the spleen center is very quiet and does not repeat itself. It will say no when something is bad for you. Otherwise, its a yes. The thing is, it says no/bad only once. Practice tuning into your body and your intuition to pick up on it.

G/Self-Projected Authority

The G is in the driver’s seat! If you have a G authority, you are a self projector. So yes, you can be a self projected projector. This means you literally listen to yourself. You need people around you who are not judgemental and who do not try and push you into things. This way, you can talk openly about the things you need to decide. You must listen to your own truth coming from your own voice. Learn to hear the frequency of the voice when you are not thinking. The voice will either have a streaming quality, a flowing expression that is unencumbered by mind, or it will not. Its important to not filter yourself. Speak your real truth and listen to hear what you said.

Ego Authority

The ego center is a motor that represents will power. Ego authority is exclusive to Manifestors and Projectors, and is the rarest of all authorities. Ego authority is rooted in the correct use of willpower. The ego, when properly used, makes a commitment to something that is correct for that being. Ego authority is experienced when you recognize what you say or do when you are not thinking. Ego authority can be heard in the voice or be experienced as the willpower to complete something. It is a frequency thing. Notice how your voice sounds when you talk to friends. Have friends/people that you can be uncensored with, and you will learn to work with this willpower awareness.

Mental/Environment/No Inner Authority

What! Did you say mental? I thought we are not suppose to make decisions with the mind? This authority does not mean that you make mind based decisions. The mental authority can be accessed by hearing the truth in one’s own voice after it leaves the body. Life force carries frequency and is discernible when communicated. Yet another frequency authority. Only a projector has this authority. In this type of projector, all centers below the throat are undefined, and as a projector, you receives sensory information about the environment through your open centers. This authority learns to feel in the body what environment is beneficial and SEE who really wants its unique perspective. When you are invited into something larger where a decision is necessary, it is good to step back and talk it through with a listener who will not try to influence the decision. The correct environment will bring the correct people and activities, and a feeling of relaxation in the body. Ahhh, now that feels great!

Lunar Cycle Authority

Lunar authority, exclusive to the reflector, is navigated through the movement or transits of the moon, and is in that sense celestial. This is radically different from all the other authorities. With no consistent life force, lunar authority requires a deep understanding of how the planets are bringing energy into the life. The moon has a 28/29 day cycle, and that, my friends, is the authority.

The 4 Aura Types

Type: Generator. Strategy: To respond

Generators are the overwhelming majority in the human population. Generators are the workers of the world. They are here to respond to the things that light them up. Like each type generators should not try to initiate from the mind, but listen to their authority. If you are a generator, you have a defined sacral center. The sacral is all about work and procreative energy. Listening to your sacral is like listening to your gut, or for women, your womb.

When you are presented with a question or opportunity, your sacral will respond with “yes” or “no”. This response comes in a few forms. A ah-ha or uh-uh. If your sacral says no, then its no. If yes, then go for it. If you try to do anything that your sacral does not say yes to, you will feel the “not self” feeling of frustration, and when you allow yourself to be guided by your authority, you will feel satisfaction. This is the classic life coach advice of if it aint fuck yes, then its no. If its not sure, then its no. nothing but a yes is a no.

You can also be a generator with a Solar Plexus/Emotional authority. In this case you have a 2 step process. Follow your sacral, if it says yes, then you wait until your emotion center has had time to process things, then you can move forward. This could be anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the issue at hand and the individual.

Manifesting Generator

This is a sub type of a generator. The only difference is that a manifesting generator has a motor center connection to the throat center. So, if your sacral is defined, and has a connection to the throat, poof, you are a manifesting generator.

All the same things apply to an MG as does a “pure generator”. The only difference is that while a generator has great focus on the job at hand and has a hard time changing once started, an MG has the ability to multitask, and skip steps in a process. The MG can initiate things like a “pure Manifestor, but this should only take place once the sacral says yes, where as a pure manifestor does not have to wait for a sacral sign. Of course, like generators, if you have a Solar Plexus authority, then the 2 step process for emotional generators applies.

Being an MG may sound like fun or a super power, but it can actually be very hard. The drive to initiate is super strong, but if you try to do that without the buy in from your sacral, then you may most likely hit a wall, discover that you actually did not want that thing, or cannot manifest it at all. The “not Self” theme of frustration will come up with an added dose of anger due to the manifesting energy being blocked. On the plus side, the sacral “yes” is also super strong, and when your sacral says yes to something, your physical body will move towards the thing, or otherwise have a positive movement showing the sacral buy in.

Type: Manifestor. Strategy: To Inform

As a manifestor, you can start anything you want at any time. You are here to start things and set the agenda for everybody else. You are the ones that give the generators the job to do. All manifestors have an undefined sacral center. The sacral center is the definition of a generator, so open sacral = non generator.

The issue with the manifestor is that they have to inform others about what they are going to do. Just so we are clear, this does not mean asking for permission, it just means informing people about the actions you are going to take. If you just start doing things and changing things, it will piss people off and cause some to block or resist your efforts. This, of course will cause that “not self” theme of anger to show up. When you inform, things go smoother, then you will feel peace as your agenda is carried out.

Also, as a non sacral being, you have to be careful about knowing when enough is enough. All non sacral beings do not have the same continuous energy level as generators and MGs, so knowing when to rest and when you have the juice is very important. Manifestors can have most authorities that are not sacral based. So, if you have a Solar plexus authority, any actions you want to initiate needs to go through the emotional considerations before moving forward, yes, this will be a little aggravating, but if you do not, you will be angry anyway.

Type: Projector. Strategy, To wait for the invitation

This thing about waiting for an invitation may sound like a generator thing, but its not. Projectors have enormous skill, ability, and wisdom. They are here as our advisers. As a projector, your insight and abilities can enhance any project and help and guide any person. The thing is, you have to wait until you get an invite. Yes, an invite. Somebody has to request you in order for you to be of maximum service. All you have to do is live life and show your talents and skills, then people will come to you. At that point, you follow your authority to decide if you will take the invite.

When I say “wait for the invitation”, that does not mean you lay around in your underwear, watching reruns while you wait for a knock at the door. By all means, live your life. Do things, work, raise a family, and so on, its just that the best opportunities will come to you when others invite you into their situation rather than you just jumping in.

When you just jump in, give help or advise that nobody asked you, or try and guide somebody that did not directly invite that from you, you will get that “not self” theme of bitterness. When you are on flow and people are requesting you, and you have your pick of things to accept, then you are in your success energy.

As a projector, you have a number of open centers, so remember not to act from your head center, and to watch the energy and people you have around. In fact, as a projector, especially if you have a G authority/Self Projected authority, you need nonjudgmental people around you so you have the space to hear and understand yourself more.

Type: Reflector. Strategy: Use lunar cycle.

As a reflector, you are here as a, wait for it…reflector. You have all nine centers open, therefore, you have the power and ability to take in, boost, and reflect the energy of others. Others will always see reflections of themselves when hanging with a reflector. You are a wise observer of life, and you can read others. In fact, with all this openness, you can lead a very mystical lifestyle.

Your aura can take in, then taste energies. This means that you must watch yourself and see what energies you are taking in. You can take in the energies from good or bad people, so be on the lookout for what’s your energy and what is not. You need to find a community of trust worthy folks you can hang with. You are able to see exactly if a community is functioning properly. You actually can be among different groups of people and blend in. This may sound nice, but this blending can make you feel invisible at times. As a reflector, there are no defined centers, thus, no consistent energy. The aura of a reflector can have a protective shield around them, making personal relationships a little more difficult.

As a reflector, you have no inner authority. In fact, your authority is the Moon. When making big decisions, you should wait a full lunar cycle. This gives time for the energy to age, thuss allowing more clarity. Of course, these authority methods of waiting does not go for everyday choices, but for big things, check the moon dance. Actually, all the planetary movements can be felt deeply. Because the moon, and the other planets are always moving, and the moon moves through all 64 gates each month, a reflector actually gets a chance to be the other types for short periods of time as the transits energetically complete different channels and briefly defining the centers. .

Not riding the moon can leave you with the “not self” theme of disappointment vs the surprise & delight you will get by dancing in the moonlight!

Step into your power

We have been conditioned to think from the head, rush to make choices, follow one size ffits all formula’s and cultures, so stepping into your power and following your unique human design may be hard at first, and the others around you may be thrown off, but try it, and you will see the benefits. As a MG, I need to listen to my sacral, but like most others, I try to think and initiate from the mind, say yes to things that I do not want to do and so on. Moving into more of a response based sacral truth is tough but interesting. If you want to understand your human design chart more, book a reading with me, and we will get right on it!

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