Understanding the future using numerology, Healing the body through energy

On this CCL show, we talk about personal year numbers in numerology and how to find yours. We go over what each of the nine numbers mean. Along with that, this week’s interview is with Susana Stoica, an energy healer. She talks about her story of helping people with medical challenges and speaks about the soul of animals.

Guest: Author and Energy Healer, Susana Stoica

Susana Stoica was born with the gift of being able to detect irregularities/stresses in the human energy field and correct them. Over the years she used her medical intuition to help doctors find the root cause of chronic illnesses and used her inborn healing abilities to help the healing process. She has a special ability to work with brain trauma, be it concussion, stroke, or other brain field irregularities like ALS and Asperger’s.

When Susana Stoica started working with doctors, both medical professionals and clients kept asking her about an easy way to understand what energy healing was. That is how the book “Reluctant Healer : An Introduction to energy Healing” was born. The book was expanded and re-released in 2016.

The body can heal itself, and knowing about our energy will help.

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