Understanding the Sun and Earth placements in Astrology and Human Design

In Human Design as with any of the metaphysical systems, there are key parts of the chart that will give us the most important information. You can get your HD chart at Genetic Matrix.

The Incarnation Cross is one of the most important parts of your HD chart. Within the cross sits four placements.

  • The conscious sun, shown in black
  • The conscious Earth, also in black
  • The unconscious, or design Sun, shown in red
  • The unconscious, or design Earth, also in red

These four placements sit in four different gates. Understanding those four placements will give you deep insight on your soul’s mission in this life.

Planets and gates in RED are your unconscious placements. This means that they are things about yourself that other people may know because they are part of your personality, but you may not realize yourself. Planets and gates in BLACK are your conscious planets. They are likely things that you know or realize about yourself.

Human Design Bodygraph
Sample Bodygraph

What the hell do the Sun and Earth placements mean?

The Sun is what you give. Your ego, vitality
The Earth is what grounds you, recieving and integrating

Below is a class discussion on the Sun and Earth placements in your chart. Part 1 is about your conscious Sun and Earth. How you ground yourself. Part 2 is the Unconscious/Design Sun and Earth. It talks about how your body needs grounding, and unlearned issues caught up in the subconscious.

Not only do we talk about these placements in your HD chart, but we also give a breakdown on the astrological equivalent placements of the Sun and Earth.

We break down each placement, take questions, and analyze people’s charts.

The Earth placement in HD with Coach Elaine, Part 1.

The Earth placement in HD with Coach Elaine, Part 2.

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