Using Base 12 Numerology, The next Dimension of numbers

On this CCL interview, we speak to Michael Smith. His book, Base-12 Numerology: Discover Your Life Path Through Nature’s Most Powerful Number, outlines the basic ideas of numerology, and how using the mathematical base 12 counting system can give you a deeper prospective about your own life. If you know your Life Path number already, using base 12 may show a different number. What does it say about you? Lets walk down the digital highway of the system of numbers!

Guest: Author and Numerologist: Michael Smith

Imagine that 10 and 11 were single digits

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Author: Core Confidence Life

Core Confidence Life is an astrological, numerological, and self discovery service. We provide in depth readings, classes, and special member only benefits. Our goal is to guide and assist you into stepping in and owning your personal power so you can direct your destaney and become what the creator made you to be.

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